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Top 10 Wonderful Outdoor Activities in Penang

Weekend Getaway Will be So Lit

Weekend is coming and stuck at home isn’t a way to spend it. There are many places to go venture to and many things to explore on the island. Here we have listed Top 10 Outdoor Activities in Penang for you lovely readers.

Up on The Hill, Down by The Shore.

Plan up properly on this weekend with you friends and family and have a blast one. Besides, what a better way to spend your weekend if not by connecting with the nature itself. Stress-free for the weekend and monday-blues might go away.

1. Hiking Up Penang Hill

First on our Top 10 Outdoor Activities in Penang is the adventure moment in hiking up the Penang Hill. There are many trails to use to go up on the hill, so choose one that suits you. There is also a highest cafe in Penang located up the Penang Hill.

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2. Walk Along Heritage Trail

Next, we know that you guys are so falling in love with our Heritage City. So, spend some moment during the weekend by walking along the heritage trail in the city. You cannot miss out the painted walls, sculptures and spectaculars heritage buildings.

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3. Street Food Hopping

Your weekend will be super lit with street food hunting. Bring along your foodie buddies and experience the glorious adventure of food travelling down to your tummy. Nothing can beat food.

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4. Horse Riding in the Evening

Get away from the hustle of the city and enjoy a calming horseback ride at Countryside Stables Penang. In addition, it is not just a calming ride but also featuring the nature as well. We are so up for it.

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5. Discover Balik Pulau

The fifth on our Top 10 Outdoor Activities in Penang is discovering Balik Pulau which also known as the countryside of Penang. Many places to visit when you are here.

Tropical Fruit Farm

Tropical Fruit Farm
cr: @neopenang
Tropical Fruit Farm
cr: @neopenang

Saanen Dairy Goat Farm

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Saanen Dairy Goat Farm

6. Penang Municipal Park

Next, Penang Municipal Park or formerly known as the Youth Park is one of the spots in Penang that you would love to spend your weekend at. They have water park, skating rink, archery range, giant chess set and many more that guarantee stress-free weekend.


7. ESCAPE Penang Theme Park

Moving on to the next activity on the list is the never ending thrilling experience at ESCAPE Penang Theme Park. Yes, we know the excitement never ends!

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8. Teluk Bahang Forest Eco Park

Similarly to Penang Municipal Park, this one also known as a recreational park where a lot of families will go down by the weekend. There are natural bathing pools, picnic tables, a campsite, a small forestry museum and hawker stalls inside Teluk Bahang Forest Eco Park.

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9. Lepak by the Beach

Come on guys, we have fantastic beaches here in Penang. Plan a family barbecue, play watersports or island hopping. Well, you can just lepak by the beach and have those long future story with your friends.

Pantai Kerachut

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Monkey Beach

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Miami Beach

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10. Sunset Viewing

Last but not least, sunset viewing is also listed as one of Top 10 Outdoor Activities in Penang. You can watch the sunset up on Penang hill, down by the shore of Batu Ferringhi or take Penang’s first water limousine service at Straits Quay Marina.

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Penang is so Full of Surprises

To sum up for today’s entry, we want you to know that Penang has so much more to be discovered and so many untold stories to be heard. Weekend will never be the same if you know where you are going to spend it at. We hope that this list will help you guys to plan forward.

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