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Highest Cafe in Penang, Kopi Hutan

Guys, meet the highest cafe in Penang, Kopi Hutan. Tucked away in Penang famous tourist spot, Monkey Cup Garden at Penang Hill. A new cafe managed by Monkey Cup Garden. Kopi Hutan is about 730 meters above sea level, according to the owner, which so happens to be the highest cafe in Penang. Kopi refers to coffee and Hutan refers to the forest in malay. Well, expect yourself to be surrounded with lots of trees and enjoy great foods here.


Kopi Hutan Penang Hill Cafe

Kopi Hutan is strongly recommended to anyone who feels stressed, disconnected, and needs an instant natural recharge of your battery. It is an ideal place for you enjoy the beauty of mother nature, fresh clean air, the warmth of the sun on your face, low temperature, no telcos line services here (your boss can’t find you) and free concert available 24/7, birds singing happily.

Kopi Hutan Penang Hill

The dining table and chair.


Kopi Hutan Penang Hill

Relax and unwind with a pot of pleasant Arabica coffee, home-baked cakes and finger foods, bread stick & tapioca crackers. I personally loved the coffee here RM8/pax, top quality coffee beans from 5 different countries, roasted them perfectly and created distinct aromas. For cakes RM12 each, we ordered peach cheesecake and chocolate mousse cake, the base biscuits were crunchy and tasty, I love it! The cakes were done just right without it overly sweet. As for snacks RM2/each, bread stick will definitely bring back your childhood memories and tapioca crackers were a little too salty to my taste-buds.

Kopi Hutan Penang Hill

Chocolate Lava Cake RM12, this thing is beautiful, isn’t? It comes with adorable monkey cup art designed with chocolate powder, garnished with strawberry and Vanilla cream. Wow! the cake was delicious, crispy on the surface and delightful hot chocolate melted inside. Its winning formulas was home-baked, I suppose.

Monkey Cup GardenMonkey Cup Garden Penang Hill

Don’t leave without visiting Monkey Cup Garden. The entrance fees are RM12 for adults and RM6 for kids. The garden has a collection of various Nephentes (Monkey Cup) species cultivated in a beautifully designed mossy garden at the right environment. There are original as well as hybrid species from Malaysia, Indonesia, India, The Philippines, and other countries. There will be a dedicated tour guide explain and show you around the garden. Though you can still dine at the Kopi Hutan Cafe without paying entrance fees to Monkey Cup Garden, it’s worth a trek in my opinion.

Bring Me There

You can take buggy service at Upper Station, RM30 to Kopi Hutan. Otherwise, you can also get a free ride from the owner there. However, it’s advised to make a reservation before heading there. The contact information will be listed down below.

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Kopi Hutan at Monkey Cup Penang Hill is hands down a special and perfect place to create epic memories with your friends and family. The price of the foods here are pretty reasonable and delicious, great value indeed. Should you visit it? Yes, definitely without a doubt if you happen to visit to Penang Hill!

Kopi Hutan Monkey Cup Garden at Penang Hill |Facebook 
Operating Hour:

Mon-Sun: 0900-1830

Contact No:

012-4289585 – Mr. Eric Leong

Google Map:


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