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30 Awesome Things To Do In Penang 2021

What to do in Penang?

Hello everyone, we are back with our hottest list ever prepared for you guys. Get your friends and family over to your place this weekend as we have listed 30 awesome things to do in Penang for you guys.


Guide: What To Do In Penang 2021?

It’s certainly true that the Penang is a magnet for tourists from around the globe. We have great food, heritage places, cool beaches await you to explore. If you are here just one or two days, choose three, five, or try to fit them all if you feel up to it, and get a feel of what Penang is all about.

We welcome you! If you are still wondering why you should visit Penang, we have 10 solid reasons for you. Now, let’s see what are the interesting place we can go in Penang.

1. Discover the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

“Mirror, mirror on the wall which is the bluest mansion of all?” Discover more of the mansion’s historical background and architectural design when you are in Penang. Cheong Fatt Tze Manion, also known as the blue mansion, is a must-visit in Penang. The interior is as unique as its outer appearance.The best part is you can stay your night at the mansion and dine in at their Indigo Café.

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2. Don’t Miss the Tour Time at Pinang Peranakan Mansion

The next best thing to do is to visit the mesmerizing Pinang Peranakan Mansion. Baba and Nyonya culture has been a part of the diversity in the country for a very long time. Yes, Malaysia truly Asia!

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3. Visit St. George Church

The gospel in your ears, the beauty in your eyes. That is the level of how connected you are going to feel as you visit this oldest Anglican Church in South East Asia.

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4. Kapitan Keling Mosque

Our next awesome things to do in Penang is to visit this Indo-Moorish structure mosque that is known as one of the most amazing mosques in the country.

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5. Kek Lok Si Temple

Situated at the top of a hill in Air Itam, Kek Lok Si Temple will amaze you with the stunning or may I say magical view of golden pagodas and rows of Buddha statues.

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6. Goddess of Mercy Temple

The 6th awesome things to do in Penang is to visit the Goddess of Mercy Temple. Also known as Kuan Ying Teng Temple, this is the oldest Chinese Temple in Penang.

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7. Khoo Kongsi

Be a part of the once in a lifetime experience to feel as if you are the leader of the clan. The historical feeling of this place is too much and that is a way to go.

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8. The Snake Temple

Penang is even more awesome with the existent of the Snake Temple which is rich with the local folklore on how the vipers began to take shelter in the tranquil spot.

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9. Sri Mahamariamman Temple

The aesthetic of the stunning sculptures of God and Goddess won’t disappoint your visit to this oldest Hindu temple in Penang.


10.Hilltop Temple

Hilltop Temple is known as Arulmigu Balathandayuthapani Hilltop Temple with 513 steps from the foothill straight to the temple.

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11. Heritage Trail: Little India

The streets full of colour from its variety sarees to choose to the aromatic scents of spices from the stall. Not Bollywood enough for you? Oh maybe I forgot to mention the blaring sound of music that will fill the street.

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12. Crowd Yourself at Chowrasta Bazaar

Snacks? Yes please, our next awesome things to do in Penang is buy yourself this sweet snack of treats. It will surely make you remember Penang for life.

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13. Play Tourist for a Day at Penang Street Art

You can make an art scene too by taking a lot of photos with the wall paintings and sculptures that scattered all over Georgetown. Show your friends the photogenic side of you and the aesthetic of your photos. The awesome-ness never ends! street art penang

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14. Tour Along the Chew Jetty

We would recommend you guys to go to the Chew Jetty in the evening or whenever the sun is not killing you much. An open sea view to be appreciated and the sea breeze to enjoy.

15. Learn More of Penang at Penang War Museum

The hidden story of Penang in today’s concrete jungle. If you are a history geek like us then you will love the secrets inside this abandoned WWII fort. And they have a night tour if you want to see you-know-what.

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16. Penang Avatar Secret Garden

A whole new world indeed when you step into this new side of Penang. With its imitation of the stunning world of the blockbuster Avatar (2009), disappointment will not be on your thought. penang secret garden avatar

17. Go experience interesting Museums in Penang!

Do you like museum? I certainly do. There are now more museums in Penang than ever before. These alternative museums in Penang are great place to have fun, photo taking and most importantly get to know more about Penang. Check out our lists of top 20 museums to visit in Penang.

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Next on our super awesome list is also known as a multi-functional art space and lodging house that combine the past and the present architectural design. A great mash-up indeed!

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19. Moon Gate Hiking Trail

Are you up for an extremely calories burning? Hiking up to the top of Penang Hill will be in your to-go-list. Moon Gate is one of the hiking trails up to Penang Hill.

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20. Penang Botanical Garden

Sweat the body in the morning or evening by jog around the beautiful garden. This Botanical Garden also offers another hiking trail up to Penang Hill. Oh yes, bring your buddies together on the weekend and sweat it all.

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21. Penang Hill and The Habitat

Hiking isn’t your thing? Let’s together use the cable car up to the top. Also, The Habitat on Penang Hill is the new main attraction of the city. Plus, 360 degree mesmerizing views of our Penang. Check out our guide here on how to get to Penang Hill and what to see there!

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22. Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm

Afraid not, the butterflies won’t travel down to your stomach. Entopia has so much more to offer than just thousands of species of butterflies. This place is definitely the place to hang out with kids or family!


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23. ESCAPE Penang Theme Park

Escape from the hustle of the city and head to ESCAPE Penang Theme Park for fun and exciting outdoor activities. No one is too old or too you for a little fun.

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24. A Calming Ride at Countryside Stables Penang

Riding a horse while getting close with nature? We are so up for it and you should too.

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25. Take a Cooking Class or Explore Tropical Spice Garden

Just when you thought it is just a spice garden then you thought wrong. Tropical Spice Garden has over 500 plant species, plus garden tours, night walks and cooking courses.

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26. Explore the Wonder of Kerachut Beach

Located inside the Penang National Park, this one of the most beautiful beaches in Penang. There are also a Turtle Sanctuary at the very end of the beach and a seasonal Meromictic Lake (May to September).

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27. Monkey Beach

Another beach that is located inside the Penang National Park, Monkey Beach serves the name as monkeys really roam the shore and with luck they might show it off to the public.

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28. Enjoy the Tranquillity of Titi Kerawang Waterfall

Waterfall on the island? Say no more. You can have all the time to yourself at this perfect city getaway.

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29. Splash of Water Sports at Batu Ferringhi Beach

Sit back and relax while enjoying the view of the beach. There are also various of watersports to try from jet ski to parasailing.

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30. Muka Head Lighthouse

The lighthouse is within the National Park and the only way to get here is by trekking up from the Monkey Beach. Good luck! You know it’s worth all the hard work. *wink*

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Best Things To Do in Penang 2021.

We hope this entry will provide the best guide for when you are in Penang. Tell us the next 30 things you would like to do or visit in Penang in the comment section. Guess what? We might feature your recommendations on next our blog!

This article is last updated on 1 January 2021.


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