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15 Most Instagrammable Spots in Penang

#OOTD Game Strong.

Hi guys, we want you to know that showing the sights of Penang to the world has been one of our main objectives and hence in today’s entry we are going to share 15 Instagrammable Spots in Penang. We super love Instagram and we know that you are too!

instagramable spots in Penang

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Can’t Get Enough of the Culture

You can’t take out Penang of a Penangite and we are so proud to be one! Have a day off and come to our beloved city to enrich yourself with the culture and get to know the locals too. We are very friendly people.

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Stay a night or two at SINKEH and you will be impressed with what they have to offer. Heads up for you guys that they have a multi-functional space art; yes, artsy much. Besides, the architectural design of its building is a collided of past and present. You will love it!

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#2 Setia SPICE Convention Centre Roof Garden

Making a grand comeback, the new look of SPICE Convention Centre has certainly proved that Penang isn’t your typical island destination. It has created another iconic landmark for Penang.

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#3 Tan Jetty

There are few clan jetties here in Penang but do you guys know that Tan Jetty has super good aesthetic for your #ootd. Plus they have a very delicious Thai food restaurant there. Instagrammable much?

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#4 Straits Quay Marina

Moving on to our next Instagrammable spot in Penang is the one and only shopping mall-cum-marina in Penang. Experience Penang’s first water limousine service here. See, we told you Penang is awesome.

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#5 Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

Of course, we won’t left this one out, one of the most notable heritage places in Penang. Today, we have to include this indigo mansion too as one of instagrammable spots in Penang just because it is super historically pretty.

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#6 East Indies Mansion

Furthermore,  just so you know that indigo isn’t the only mansion we have. One will never imagine how immense the interior is in the inside by looking at it from the street. Trust us, you will fall in love with this 240 years old historic mansion.

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#7 Buu’s Kitchen and Shia’s Granola

Mix of two names with a fantastic mash-up of Italian cuisine and Granola healthy snack, this place is so over the top. Such a great structure design in the middle of the hustle Penang. Dine in and posing for your Instagram feed.

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#8 Awesome Canteen at Sekeping Victoria

Another aesthetic moment to be captured is when you are stopping by for lunch or dinner at Awesome canteen. No doubt that they serve a very delicious multi-cuisine there. Happy tummy and fantastic feed on Instagram? Oh yes!

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#9 China House

Next, not only that it is known as the longest cafe in Penang but also there are so many spots inside the cafe itself for you to capture best moments with friends and family.

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#10 Hin Bus Depot

Once known as a bus depot that is now restored to be one of Penang’s unique creative art space. The team believes that art should be borderless and no limitation in expressing it. We at Penang Foodie believe the same too. Great minds think alike.

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#11 Eastern and Oriental Hotel

Our 11th Instagrammable spot in Penang is the majestic Eastern and Oriental Hotel. A very calmly evening it would be by strolling around the shore of the hotel. Time to take out those cameras of yours and snap all of the scenic views you like.

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#12 The Habitat Penang Hill

And now up to the hill we go. Take a train or be adventurous by hiking up to our next spot. Make nature as one of your Instagram themes on Instagram and wowed your followers.

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#13 Church of the Assumption

Put this on your list as there is another one not to be left out which is the first Catholic church in Penang called Church of the Assumption. So much more to explore when you only know so little. What are you waiting for? Grab those cameras and come to Penang.

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#14 Penang Bridge

How to take a photo of Penang Bridge and make it Instagrammable? Oh, wait until we tell you a secret. The bridge is wonderful as it is but the shore side under the bridge is more aesthetic to take photo.

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#15 Heritage Buildings

Last but not least on our 15 Instagrammable Spots in Penang is the historic buildings around George Town. Go out to our magnificent heritage buildings in George Town that have so many colours, so many untold stories to be discovered and so rich in culture. Be a part of all that and capture those moments.

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#Bonus: Beaches of Penang

We are so not going to left the beaches out. Beaches of Penang that have been one of the main attractions for the locals and tourist.

Batu Ferringhi

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Pantai Jerejak

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Monkey Beach

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Pantai Kerachut

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Unleash Your Aesthetic

Actually, there are more than 15 Instagrammable Spots in Penang that we would love to share with you guys. But we think of letting you guys to explore more and be thrilled when you found one. Forget not by letting us know the spots you have found so that we can be as aesthetic as you lovely people.

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  1. Kindly note that the 3rd picture listed under Church of the Assumption is actually from another place.

  2. Can you help me to list out the beautiful places like this in Penang also halal for Muslim ? I really looking forward to it

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