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Top 10 Beaches in Penang To Chill

Ahhh Penang, Pearl or the Orient. An island surrounded by clear, blue sea. It’s no secret that beaches in Penang are one of the main attractions. Tourists flock the beaches to sunbathe, swim and chill due to great, sunny weather. It could be too hot for us locals, nevertheless, we still love it. Go in the evening to have a mini picnic as you watch the sun sets, how romantic? An advice from us, NEVER EVER FORGET SUNSCREEN.

Top 10 Beaches in Penang to Chill:

Looking for public beach near Batu Ferringhi, Balik Pulau or Teluk Bahang Penang? You got it all in today’s blog. Without further ado, let’s see what do we have in today’s 10 best beaches in Penang!

#1 Batu Ferringhi

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One of the most popular beaches in Penang, also the most happening one. Here you can find a ton of hotels located at the coastline of the beach. Popular restaurants like Ferringhi Grill and Ferringhi Garden nestle in this area as well. There’s even a Starbucks by the beach. You can find a lot of watersports and other activities like horse and camel ride. If you’re looking for an all-in-one beach, Batu Ferringhi is the best, though the water isn’t the clearest.



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#2 Pasir Panjang

A stretch of Sandy Beach on the other side of the island, Pasir Panjang is one of the beaches in Penang that is suitable for picnic and away from the crowd. Located at Balik Pulau, you’ll have to drive through the winding hill road to get here. Pasir Panjang was once a small fishing settlement but is now taken over by Kem Bina Negara.



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#3 Pulau Jerejak

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Locals are no stranger to this neighbouring island of Penang, though not many have actually stepped into this island. Pulau Jerejak was there when Francis Light first came to Penang, it was then turned into a sanatorium (health center) of lepers, tubercolosis patients and drug addicts. It was also a prison. All this ended in 1993 and Pulau Jerejak is now turned into a tourist attraction. Of all the beaches in Penang, Pulau Jerajak is filled with history but now beautified.

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#4 Moonlight Bay

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A hidden gem along the way to Batu Ferringhi, look for the sign on your right and you’ll spot Moonlight Bay. It’s not an official beach, but a bay with beautiful view. Unlike the usual sandy, soft beach, this has a pebble-like grainy surface. Your might feel a little uncomfortable but it’s well paid-off by the clear water and quiet surroundings. Bring your own food as there’s nothing but a restaurant that only opens during the night. Just remember to be a responsible citizen, do not litter.

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#5 Pulau Kendi


What’s Penang without a dip in the refreshing sea water, with sunlight showering all over you. Pulau Kendi is a little isolated, best for swimming and snorkeling. That’s because you don’t have to worry about jellyfish. Of all beaches in Penang, we suggest you to come here if you want clean water to dip in.




#6 Sungai Batu


If you’re tired of the same old beaches in Penang like the Batu Ferringhi area, why not try Sungai Batu? There’s a stretch of beach in Sungai Batu known as Teluk Bayu, where you could find fishing boats and is perfect for picinic. Though the area had undergone rapid development, Sungai Batu is still worth a visit.

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#7 Monkey Beach

As the name suggests, you’ll find new friends when visiting this beach, yes monkeys. This remote beach needs a few hikes and walks before getting there. The entrance to Monkey Beach is through Penang National Park. Once you get there, you’ll find paradise. Do walk a bit further down the beach to find serenity.

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#8 Teluk Bahang

Further down Batu Ferringhi is Teluk Bahang, it’s a more quaint and quiet beach in Penang as people won’t travel far down here for beach. That means more privacy, less crowd, less stress. Teluk Bahang has some of the famous attractions like Entopia, ESCAPE, National Park and more.



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#9 Pulau Kerachut

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Silmilar to Monkey Beach, the entrance to Pantai Kerachut is through Penang National Park as well. With different paths, Pantai Kerachut is more remote, quiet, with white sandy beach. It is also home to the Penang Turtle Sanctuary. Pantai Kerachut is one of the most beautiful beaches in Penang.

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#10 Gertak Sanggul

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A fishing village in the southwest of Penang, Gertak Sanggul offers a sandy beach with coconut trees swaying. Overlooking the mountains and Pulau Kendi, Gertak Sanggul is the last stop for buses before heading back to town. Do note that the you’re not advised to swim as the water is contaminated. Nevertheless, it makes up one of the best beaches in Penang.

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