Top 10 Best Beaches in Langkawi

Where to find nice beach in Langkawi?

To the days of the feet covered in the blanket of sand, the soft rhythm of the waves blessing the ears, sun-baked with the wind gushing over sending chills and euphoria to be alive and in the moment. Langkawi is mould and made by the gods of nature and as a piece of thank you, all there is to be done is to appreciate and embrace the wonders.  White sands and blue lagoon await visitors to explore the sprinkle gorgeousness of Langkawi. So here we are from an island to another in this Top 10 Beaches in Langkawi. A glass of Sangria would go a long way for this one 🙂

List: 10 Best Beaches in Langkawi

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Where to find coolest beaches in Langkawi? You asked? Ok! In today’s blog, we curated Langkawi’s best beaches you can find and must visit when you travelling there! Are you excited to check it out? Let’s go to the beach!

1. Tanjung Rhu Beach


Bordered by the Limestone crags, this magnificent emerald blue beauty dances in the light as the sun sets. It is nestled in the cool shade of rustling Casuarina trees on a 2.5 km white-sand beach kissed by the aquamarine waters of the Andaman Sea. Easily one of the best beaches in Langkawi and one that you shouldn’t miss in your lifetime.
For my boos:  Locate along the stretch of the Tanjung Rhu seaside, Scarborough Fish & Chips serves town famous freshly caught fishes just to serve your cravings while the view delights the eyes.

2. Pantai Tengkorak (Sandy Skull Beach)

Away from the flock of tourist and towards the northern side of Langkawi heading towards Datai Bay, this secluded beach graced with soft white sand for soothing walks for the bare feet. Simply for relaxing, sunbathing and a plenty of dip in crystal clear waters with a pace that allows some space from the real world. The Pantai Pasir Tengkorak is also called ‘The Sandy Skulls Beach’ so you better be on your toes. Just Kidding !!! …. not really……



3. Pantai Tengah

Known to be the longest stretch of beach in Langkawi, Pantai Tengah though not as popular as Its sibling the Cenang Beach, I’d say it’s much MUCH better in terms of clean water, semi-secluded space and to just the perfect spot to witness a beautiful sunset with your boo’s.

Best time: Opens daily but definitely a whole other experience at night with millions of stars lighting the darkness.



4.Datai Bay

Heads up! This one’s exclusively for the indulgence of the finest thus be ready to clean that wallet. Known locally as Pantai Teluk Datai, it is a private beach shared by a couple of five-star resorts – The Datai and The Andaman. Away from the bustling of the island, it’s perfect for the honeymoon retreat. Plus if you’re a fan of golf,  you’ve come just to the right place. Set amongst some of the most unspoiled rainforest and natural beaches, the Els Club Teluk Datai has established itself as an icon of the gold scene. Passion and heat altogether!

5.Shark Bay Beach (Teluk Yu)


No, they aren’t any sharks here but the carvings done on the stone that signifies them. In between Pasir Tengkorak and Black Sand Beach, Shark Bay Beach is a bliss of calmness and visitors can’t get enough of it. Surrounded by palm trees, huts and cabanas, the shield seeking lovers are gonna love this place. Having a waterside restaurant just makes this the whole package for a family day out with the kids.

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6. Black Sand Beach


Related image

Though not meant for swimming due to the shallow water, its an ideal place for Instagramming and a casual stroll along this mysterious soil. While there are many myths behind the color of the sand, my personal favorite was how the mermaid fell in love with the land kingdom’s Prince and she ran away from the sea to her man. The sea kingdom was to invade the land but with the flamming of fire along the beach, the sea kingdom chickened out and went back. The result of the black sand was the result of ash from the fires. We had an Ariel in our land. How COOL !!!

Caption: Pe3K

7. Batu Hampar Beach

Fronting the Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort, this little stretch of beach is bounded by rocky outcrops on both ends. Coconut and mangrove trees preserve the beach’s natural environment, providing welcome shade. While it is open to the public, only guests from Sheraton Beach Resort are entitled to the facilities hence if you’re just there for the beach, a picnic basket with some wine and towel would just be whatever you need!

Image result for batu hampar beach

Image result for batu hampar beach
Cr: ZaraAB

8.Burau Bay

Farizun Amrod Saad

A 10 mins walk from Langkawi Cable Car, this majestic piece overlooks the Gunung Mat Cinchang, Seratosa island, and Burau island which also a spot of migratory birds so look out for the pretty little ninjas. Swimming, Sun-bathing, water sports facilities and even breathtaking sunsets, it’s a full day package so quit the plans and full day and bake in the moment all day long!!!!
bY Victoria_psv

9.Cenang Beach

Ah, at last! If you haven’t been to Cenang Beach, then you’ve never been to Langkawi. With the attention of people all around the world, Cenang Beach carries the vibes of a beach festival on a normal sunny day.  From the variety of cafes and restaurants to exciting water sports that can be bargained till he the dude chases you out, you’d get jsut what you need. And when the sun sets, high tide calms the scene, hands tangle, bean bags and fire entertainment fills the night with millions of stars and salty air reminding you to be just happy.


10. Kok Beach

Caption: Bmkon

Popular among the cursing sailors, this gem is surrounded by palm trees, serenity and just about everything you need without the crowd as there is a yachting marina with a stretch of shops, bars, restaurants and even a petrol station right at the waterfront of this beach. We’d definitely recommend visiting the Seven Wells waterfall since you’re there and be amazed at the wonder of nature the island has to offer!


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