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The Saw Emporium: New Hang Out Spot in Penang

You gotta love this place.

It’s been awhile since we write about new things to do in Penang. In today’s guide, we are so happy to share with you guys the latest addition to town – The Saw Emporium! We paid a visit there and we truly love the vibes and the whole concept there. It has a big multi-concept dining spot, new cafe Norm, live band, craft beer, awesome cake store and many more!

Introducing The Saw Emporium

the saw emporium Penang

The Saw Emporium is a former sawmill on Macallum Road located within the 7 Streets Precinct in Georgetown, Penang. According to the owner, The Steamship Merchants will be taking over the space until Q1 2018 for Swallow, a multi-concept dining event starting November 2017.

Swallow @ The Saw Emporium

Swallow is the latest pit-stop in Georgetown Penang. The latest food concept for Penang where you can either hang out at picnic tables under the stars, sit on the sofa area to have your cup of tea or inside to grab your bite & beers.

Below are some of the food to try at Swallow.

1. Teppei Syokudo

Cr: @laureenquah

Simple, hearty Japanese cuisine prepared using only honest ingredients, served by the renowned yet humble owner Chef Yamashita Teppei. Recently claimed the title of 2017 MICHELIN Guide Singapore Bib Gourmand Award, Chef Teppei has opened multiple successful Japanese dining concepts. Chef’s food are served with hard work, and most importantly, with a touch of humor.

Cr: @jeffreytatsu

2. EMBERS Asian Grill

Cr: @thesawemporium

Warning: This is not your usual barbeque charcoal grill. Embers is a fully-flamed and fired-up Asian interpretation of the classic All-American Steakhouse. Experience great BBQ experience of glowing coal with slow roasts and smokey meats. Heavy uses of herbs, marinades, condiments and accompanying sauces that are typically found in Asian kitchens. It’s like East meets West, which we bet is only available here in Swallow, Saw Emporium Penang.

embers penang


Credit: @whatelaineeats

3. WhatSaeb แซ่บ Boat Noodles

Cr: @penangboatnoodle

Craving for boat noodles after having it tasted in Thailand? Rice noodles soaked in thick and delicious broth, so heavenly. WhatSaeb have you covered by serving hearty, true to flavor boat noodles along with other signature dishes such as the hotpot noodles and dry boat noodles. Drooling over the screen right now? Head over to Saw Emporium Penang now! (5555555)

Cr: @penangboatnoodle


Credit: @penangboatnoodle

4. Wham

Credit: @justcharitylah

Newly launched pop up bakery by veteran bespoke, luxe and boutique creatives turn baking duo The After Meal – Cakes & Bakes in Penang. Feel free to contact them to have your cake customized, you’ll have the one-and-only beautiful and fancy cake. Wham showcases delectable desserts from cheesecakes, apple crumble tarts, brownies, cinnamon rolls and cookies.


Cr: @thirstmag

5. TAPS Beer Bar

Credit: @aaronlim85

Established in 2011 by 5 cousins in search of better beers, Taps Beer Bar is a pure craft beer bar with the widest range of craft beers in Malaysia. Claimed the Bar Awards 2017 Best Beer Bar Winners title, Taps offers a variety of craft beers from all over the world, each is one-of-a-kind, with different flavours and brews to try out. (Ps, this is no Carlsberg or Tiger beer okay?) Their motto? No gimmicks, no slogans…just better beer.

Cr: @tapsbeerbar
Cr: @tapsbeerbar

6. QWENCHERS Juice Bar

Credit: @qwenchers

A multi-beverage concept bar, founded by a group of friends various beverage backgrounds. Their aim is to serve a variety of beverages using only the best and freshest natural ingredients. Some of their menus are even unique homemade recipes, can we just take a moment to appreciate that?

Cr: @thesawemporium
Credit: @qwenchers

NORM / NOCT Is Our New Love

Tucked in the corner of The Saw Emporium Penang is Norm, a quaint and cosy little haven. Norm serves speciality coffee, tea, cocktails, as well as delicious signature waffles and tiramisu. At dusk, see this corner transforms into Noct, an after-dark concept featuring an alternate beverage and dining selection. Baristas turn into bartenders as they serve signature cocktails and desserts with a boozy kick.

Cr: @thesawemporium
credit: @wearethenorm

What Else You Need to Know About Swallow, Saw Emporium:

Cr: @paulleecm

Besides all these drooling good food and chills, Swallow welcomes Friday with live music by popular local mini-band comprising charismatic singers and talented musicians, Wedding in Charlie to the Swallow Stage in the Godowns. This only happens every Friday night from 9 p.m. to midnight, so don’t forget to mark that down.

Also, Swallow has updated their opening hours. Starting from 29th of January, they will open on Monday evenings from 6 p.m. to midnight for dinner and supper service (Maybe Swallow heard our Monday Blues?). Current opening hours are Thursday to Sundays & Public Holidays from 11 a.m. to midnight.

the saw emporium Penang

So how do you get to Swallow? Easy, the event is located just right beside Macallum Connoisseurs Cafe, at Saw Emporium Penang. The entrance to The Saw Emporium Carpark is via Jalan CY Choy, while walk-ins
may enter the main gate at Gat Lebuh Macallum. Parking on the other side is a bit tricky. It seems like they have one entrance to the parking, one being quite narrow. Despite that, they have ample parking space in Saw Emporium building itself so no worries.

For more information, do visit Saw Emporium‘s Facebook page. If you Foodies want more guides and updates from us, don’t forget to follow us on Penang Foodie.

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