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18 Best Dessert In Penang Every Foodie Should Try

Are you the one who always has room for dessert? Admit it. We all love dessert, especially after a hearty satisfying meal. The kick just came out from nowhere, right? I feel you, foodie. Hence, in this week guide, we would like to share with you some of the best dessert shops in Penang every hipster foodie must try.

Updated: Top 15 Best Desserts in Penang 2018

penang dessert

Guide: Dessert in Penang

Dessert by definition is the sweet course eaten at the end of a meal. Hey! We got it, everything must be sweet and cool, forget about calories for a day okay? Excitingly, we’ve got your cravings covered with some awesome cake shops, ice-cream, and must-try waffles. This list will absolutely come in handy to satisfying your sweet tooth.

Let’s slurp in some of the good recommendations for dessert in Penang by Penang Foodie.

Updated: Top 15 Dessert in Penang 2018

#1 Dolce Dessert

Dolce dessert Penang

Varieties of desserts served here. Don’t leave without trying their Tiramisu, it’s superb!

#2 Mon Délice Patisserie

Mon Delice Patisserie

Who doesn’t appreciate nice cake but not too sweet one? If you have been looking for it, then Mon Delice is for you, undoubtedly.

#3 La Vanille Pastry

La Vanlle Pastry

Freshly baked cupcakes, macaroon and green tea sizzling brownie are love…

#4 Fourspoons Dessert Cafe

fourspoons dessert cafe Penang

Waffle lover, put your hands up! You just can’t go wrong with their matcha and sesame soft serve, perfect match with their epic waffle!

#5 Brown Pocket

Brown Pocket Gurney Paragon Penang

Just the thing you want it right now.

#6 llaollao

llaollao gurney queensbay

Oh dear! Who has the same liking as me? Lotus caramelized biscuit sauce is a must right!

#7 Métisser Pâtisserie & Tea Room

Metisser Patisserie High Tea

For an elegant and relaxing afternoon.

#8 China House


Tiramisu 123, just perfect!


passionis dessert penang

Nourishing for body and soul.

#10 Twelve Cups

best dessert in Penang

One of the crepe cake masters in Penang.

#11 Chocolate Passion

best dessert in Penang

If one can marry to chocolate, would you say yes?

#12 Crepe Cottage

crepe cottage

Always been our favourite spot for dessert in Penang.

#13 Creameal

best dessert in Penang

Thai milk tea ice cream is something worth to try!

#14 Moody Cow Cafe

best dessert in Penang

Cempedak cheesecake is something to die for!

#15 Urban Artisan

best dessert in Penang

Simple but wholesome, who can say no to yummy-licious soft serve?

#16 Rabbit Softserve


#17 Salon du Chocolate


Chocolate lovers will surely appreciate this dessert!

#18 Ice Estate


To combat the heat, you need this!

In Short | Best Dessert In Penang

We’ve listed 18 best and must-try dessert for sweet tooth lovers in Penang. Well then, now you know where to go for dessert this weekend. Share this guide with your friends if you enjoy reading it. Love you guys! Like our Facebook for more guide!

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