Slow Coffee Person Slow Bar: A New Coffee Bar Opening Soon in George Town

Another day, another new cafe. Even the new norm can’t stop us from getting a good cup of coffee, especially if you’re a coffee person. We’ve just found out that a new cafe is popping real soon in the center of the island! It’s called Slow Coffee Person Slow Bar, slow bar serving hand brewed specialty coffee.


Slow Down & Enjoy A Cup of Hand Brewed Specialty Coffee:

We heard they have their location fixed at Church Street and boy, we can’t wait for it to open its doors. A couple duo, one who’s passionate about all things coffee, and another who’s a baker at heart. Together, they’re opening up Slow Coffee Person Slow Bar.

We have a question though: Why “slow?” Might just be our theory, but they probably got the name from the slow, intricate pourover coffee process, or maybe from the long, tedious baking hours. Good things take time, it’s also good to slow down sometimes and enjoy the moment.

If you love coffee, you’ll love Slow Coffee Person Slow Bar. You’ll find an array of beans and different notes of coffee here. They’re super passionate about coffee making and would go the extra miles to brew you their best cup of hand brewed coffee. Pair it with their bakes that we’re equally excited about.

Overall, this new cafe is a quaint corner for coffee aficionados, and we anticipate their opening. Share this news out to your coffee friends! That’s all, have a great day ahead and buh bye!


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