Penang Hiker’s Friendly Bond With A Stray Dog Warmed The Hearts Of Netizens

Aside from feasting on street food while in Penang, one thing that we all love doing is taking a hike up the hill. It goes without saying that Penang has multiple hiking locations like Moongate, Penang Hill, Carpet Hill, Ngor Hean Hill Temple and more. Now speaking of hiking, you need to check out these heartwarming photos of a hiker in Penang getting all friendly with a doggo.

Hiker Made A New Friend At Bukit Sungai Ara, Penang

No one can resist animal videos on the Internet. So are these photos that have been warming the hearts of many netizens on Facebook. Shirley Idris recently posted several photos of her hike up to Bukit Sungai Ara, Penang.

Photo: @Shirley Idris (Facebook)

Shirley’s photos made netizens go ‘AWWW’ because she was seen getting all friendly with her new furry friend. She even captioned the photos with, ‘Don’t run. They just wanna have fun.’

Photo: @Shirley Idris (Facebook)

She then proceeded to introduce her new furry friend as “Kau Kia”, or little puppy in Hokkien dialect to fellow netizens. In these photos, Shirley’s newfound friend was also seen warming up to her and getting all happy and excited.

Photo: @Shirley Idris (Facebook)

A look at the comments and there were some netizens who identified the same dog while they were hiking up the same spot too. One netizen even referred to the doggo as their private escort.

Another comment from a kind netizen, ChacHa Redz included some tips for those who fear dogs while on a hike. She suggests to avoid staring directly into the dog’s eyes, never run and just keep walking with your head bowed down. She even mentioned that these dogs usually mean no harm and included her own personal experience too.

And of course, many netizens jumped in describing these photos as a beautiful scenario and we could not agree more.

Truly A Man’s Best Friend

Dogs are indeed a man’s best friend. So the next time you’re up on a hike and you come across these furry friends, try befriending them instead.

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