20-Year-Old Stall At Lebuh Acheh Penang Serving Unique Fried Wan Tan Mee

When in Penang, eat like the locals. As true Penangites, we are no strangers to a plate of Wan Tan Mee. While you can find them almost anywhere, the challenge lies in locating one spot that does them all right. We’re talking tender noodles, perfect sauce to noodle ratio, juicy char siew, and of course, packed-to-the-edge Wan Tan. By the way, have you guys heard of Fried Wan Tan Mee? There’s one humble spot along Lebuh Acheh in Penang that offers this unique Wan Tan Mee. Let’s check it out.


Unique Fried Wan Tan Mee At Lebuh Acheh, Penang

Lebuh Acheh is one of the areas situated within the George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site. A majority of us recognize Lebuh Acheh by the oldest mosque in Penang, the Masjid Melayu (Jamek). Take a few steps further down along Lebuh Acheh and you’ll see a colourful umbrella sticking out from one of the houses.

Lebuh Acheh Wan Tan MeePhoto: @ibox_bowie(Instagram)

By locating this umbrella, you would have arrived at Lebuh Acheh Fried Wan Tan Mee. This spot has been operating from the senior couple’s home since 2001 and is distinct for operating by a five-foot walkway or ‘kaki lima’. Another reason that makes this humble stall unique is the choice of pre-fried noodles.

Lebuh Acheh Wan Tan MeePhoto: @ibox_bowie(Instagram)

Lebuh Acheh Fried Wan Tan MeePhoto: @ibox_bowie(Instagram)

A plate of Wan Tan Mee usually comes with boiled noodles tossed in dark soy sauce. It’s not often that we see Wan Tan Mee being served with pre-fried noodles. For the Fried Wan Tan Mee, the noodles were already pre-fried and would then be boiled upon each order. From there, the preparation steps remain the same.


Lebuh Acheh Fried Wan Tan MeePhoto: (Instagram)

Fret not, the classic fresh egg noodles are also on the menu. Upon your first bite of the Fried Wan Tan Mee, you’ll notice that the texture is slightly more springy and chewy. Mix them together with the dark soy sauce and sambal, and you’ll get one delicious mouthful bite.

Lebuh Acheh Wan Tan MeePhoto: @ccj86 (Instagram)


Here, the Wantan dumpling is another hit item that has won over the hearts of many locals. It’s plump because of the generous filling combining minced pork, shrimp, and water chestnut chunks for a crisp bite.

Lebuh Acheh Wan Tan MeePhoto: @alexis.37101 (Instagram)

Jom #SupportLocal

Have you tried out Lebuh Acheh Wan Tan Mee? Let us know if this is your favourite go-to spot and if you have not tried this out, why not support some local hawkers? Bye for now!


Address: 34, Lebuh Acheh, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang

Operating Hours: About 7 AM until 1-2 PM (Opens Daily)

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