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Ngor Hean Hill Temple: Balik Pulau Hiking Trail With A Stunning Flower Garden

Penang is undoubtedly, one beautiful island with just the perfect blend between laid-back and modernity. Today’s post is for fellow hikers who break the sweat just to be rewarded with Penang’s scenic view. Did you know that there is a hiking trail at Balik Pulau that leads you up to Ngor Hean Hill Temple?

Ngor Hean Hill Temple Has A Breathtaking Flower Garden

Before we start, we all know that there are many other hiking trails in Penang. Moongate, Iconic Hill, Penang Hill, you name it. But today, we’ll be taking a trip to the southwest part of Penang, Balik Pulau to discover more about Ngor Hean Hill Temple.

Ngor Hean Hill Temple Balik Pulau
Photo: @BglimBL (Facebook)
Ngor Hean Hill Temple Balik Pulau
Photo: @BglimBL (Facebook)

There are several trails that will lead up to this temple, check them out here. Do note that the road leading up the temple is narrow so it is not advisable to drive up. Once you manage to get up there, you will come across a rustic Ngor Hean Hill Temple.

Ngor Hean Hill Temple Balik Pulau
Photo: @BglimBL (Facebook)

And when you’re there, take a few steps to the back of this temple and you’ll see a flower garden that instantly gives you strong Cameron Highlands vibes. That isn’t all, when you’re at the top, you will also see a panoramic view of Balik Pulau. Talk about a soul-soothing hike!

Ngor Hean Hill Temple Balik Pulau
Photo: @Jocelyn Mc (Facebook)
Ngor Hean Hill Temple Balik Pulau
Photo: @BglimBL (Facebook)

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So with a breathtaking flower garden coupled with a scenic view of Balik Pulau, do add this to your list of hiking trails. Also, don’t forget to take some photos while you’re there too. Bye!

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  1. I’m the relative of this garden owner. Do u know this is private place? U r not allow to entry, please stop sharing and asking hiker to go there.
    My relative already complained about the hiker spoil their garden.

    1. Hi Elyssa,
      I would like to know if your relative do sell the flower plants. I had these flowers in my garden several years ago before it was damaged by the flood. Ever since then I’m looking for a replacement. Please let me know if there are any plants for sale. Thank you.

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