Popular Japanese Store Selling Pre-Loved Items Opened First Outlet In Penang

OMG! Have you heard the exciting news?! Japan’s biggest and most popular bundle store in Malaysia has finally opened its first Penang outlet at Tesco Extra (now known as Lotus) Seberang Jaya. Seriously, it is impossible to go in without buying anything from this bundle store. It is a bundle hunter’s dreamland.

Jalan Jalan Japan Penang
Photo: @Fikrysuliman (Facebook)

JJJ First Penang Outlet At Seberang Jaya

Jalan-Jalan Japan or JJJ is a store that sells Japan’s pre-loved goods. They sell a huge variety of items at a low price suitable for visitors of all ages. Their previous outlets were such a hit that people simply can’t get enough. Turns out, they decided to further extend their wings and open another one in Penang. And they have begin operation since Wednesday (24th February 2021)! Either way, JJJ has definitely foreshadowed it in this post.

Jalan Jalan Japan Penang
Photo: @JalanJalanJapan.Malaysia (Facebook)

No Official Announcement Yet

Although it wasn’t officially announced yet, the netizen had already bombarded the comment section with excitement and helpful info. Obviously, people were ready to wait in line as early as 8.30 AM.

“Queue started since 8.30 AM.. Huhuhu.”

“At Tesco (Lotus’s) Seberang Jaya, Penang.. Now opening.”

“You can go crazy in there.”

Here’s A Little Sneak Peek

Seriously, if you are on a budget but you feel like shopping, this is the place for you. Since all of these items comes from Japan, you know that it will be in good condition and quality. Among the items that you can get here are toys, kitchen utensils, furniture, fashion accessories, clothes and more! Here’s a little sneak peek of what you can get in there.

Jalan Jalan Japan Penang
Photo: @NobisaZainol (Facebook)

Jalan Jalan Japan Penang

Jalan Jalan Japan Penang
Photo: @NobisaZainol (Facebook)

Happy Hunting!

To those that are living in the area, please practice the new norm when you are visiting this store. The rest of us should patiently wait and stay put until the borders are open again okay? It won’t be long now.

Address: 2762, Persiaran Sembilang, 13700 Seberang Jaya, Pulau Pinang

Operation Hours: 10 AM – 9 PM (Daily)

Link(s): Facebook

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