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There’s a Beautiful Glasshouse Built on Carpet Hill and It’s So Photo-Worthy

Good day foodies, how are you? Penang has a lot more to offer, and today we’ve found a hidden gem. There’s a beautiful glasshouse nestled on Carpet Hill built for hikers and bikers to take a rest, and it’s really picture-worthy.


There’s a Beautiful Glasshouse Built on Carpet Hill and It’s So Photo-Worthy:

Photo: The Carpet Hill (Facebook)

Carpet Hill is no stranger to many especially to hikers and mountain bikers, they adore the trails. That’s because the pathway to the top is made up of mostly cement trails and tarred roads. The view along the way up is just magnificent, especially during the evening.

There are several trails to the top, along the way you might stumble upon a durian orchard or temple, but the most anticipating part has to be the Glasshouse. Apparently the Glasshouse on Carpet Hill is a private property, but it is open to public for photos (thank you kind owner).

Photo: Yap Thai Ming (Facebook)

To get there is a little tedious, since it’s located at a higher point from the top, but the view is definitely worth the torment. You’ll get a high point view of Balik Pulau/Bayan Lepas, and from there you can spot second Penang Bridge.

Photo: Koay Hooi (Facebook)

The Glasshouse during the evening, in our humble opinion is the most captivating. So hike or take a ride up with your friends or family to this place and experience it for yourself. Also, don’t forget to tag your buddies for a weekend sweat-it-out session. Take care and buh bye!

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