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Penang Sentral Is Finally Open And You Should Check It Out

Transportational Service At Ease!

11 years later and Penang Sentral has finally opened its doors to fellow islanders on Thursday! Are you excited for this new addition in your island? Maybe. Is this making a difference to our transportation catastrophe? HELL YES!


11 Years Later, Penang Sentral Is Happening

Connecting Malaysia & Beyond via rail (KTM’s electric train service (ETS) and Komuter train services) land and Sea Penang Sentral believes to function as an integrated transportation hub especially aiding in commuter services from Butterworth to Kamunting or Butterworth to Alor Setar.

Better yet, the state government is expected to complete this Penang Sentral Project by 2030 including the Light Rail Transit (LRT) services. Soon, we be riding them LRT like those city goers! (Source: TheStar)

penang sentral

With an allocation of RM 2.9 Billion and 6 million feet development space for this project, there’s anything and everything from transportation to malls, an office tower and a business hotel, as well as be equipped with service apartments.

Upon completion, 200,000 passengers are able to travel daily with 900 parking lots available for vehicles to be parked. Ditch the cars and get on the train cuz it’s way convenient than your mum driving you around!  Plus it’s certainly cooler!

What Can We Expect?

Now Gurney & Queesnbay won’t just be our go-to spot. With Starbucks, 4Fingers, Tealive, llaollao even RoyalTea for the milk tea lovers delays won’t be so bad after all! Just Like this projects twin sister, NU Sentral, Penang Sentral project will bring a fresh shopping experience to Butterworth residents and be a catalyst for the whole project!

Photo by Ridzuan Shah
Picture by Ridzuan Shah

For sure they just don’t stop here! While just a few franchise and lots have taken up space, phase two of the shopping mall project has begun, with over 400,000 sq ft of retail space so imagine the exciting things coming your way until it’s turned into reality!



Photo by Ridzuan Shah

Penang Sentral


Visit Penang Sentral today with your friends and family!

Feel free to share your thought with us what do you think of this new transportation hub in Penang!

Phone : (604)- 323 2355 5130
Address: Terminal Pengangkutan Penang Sentral, Jalan Bagan Dalam, 12100 Butterworth, Pulau Pinang


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