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Top 10 Famous Food in Butterworth

You will love Penang even more.

Ever feel like an incomplete penangites because of not knowing much of the mainland? The worries are over now as we have listed the Top 10 Famous Food in Butterworth that you must try. If this isn’t enough, we have 24 hours food guide in Penang for you as well.


Must try food in Butterworth

cr: mazifahron

1- Nasi Kandar Pokok Ketapang

It’s late at night and you are craving for nasi kandar? Worry not because we’ve got you covered from the famous deep-fried chicken to their selections of curries. But just because it operates late at night doesn’t mean you don’t need to hassle a bit. Yes, a long queue for nasi kandar and that’s how we penangites like it.

Address: Jalan Telekom, Kampung Benggali, 12000 Butterworth, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Operating Hours: Monday-Saturday 11pm-5am and Sunday 11pm to 12pm

cr: awanh_

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2- Sin Bee Chew

With their famous main signature of perfectly cooked Hainanese Chicken Chop, this restaurant also offers others Hainanese cuisine on their menu, you name it. Their restaurant is a never-ending-crowd of people coming for lunch and dinner.

Address: 11, Lorong Bagan Luar 3, Bagan Luar, 12000 Butterworth, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday 12pm-2.45pm and 5pm-8pm

cr: @royallyroyal

3- Sweet Paradise Dim Sum Restaurant

Next on our Top 10 Famous Food in Butterworth is one of the best place to dip in the dim sum in your belly. Bring your friends and family together sit around the table and have a big dim sum festive all you want. Calories what?


Address: 2. 4, Jalan Bagan Baru 1, Kampung Jawa, 12000 Butterworth, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Operating Hours: Everyday 6am-1pm

cr: world of buzz

4- Restaurant Chaw Choon Dim Sum

Two is better than one. Yes, another famously dim sum restaurant in Butterworth to fulfil your never-ending craving of this treats. Nothing can go wrong with a little queueing to get your freshly hot deep fried dim sum as the restaurant is always full house.


Address: 6970, Jalan Raja Uda, Raja Uda Industrial Estate, 12300 Butterworth, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Operating Hours: Everyday 6am-1pm

cr: JW H.

5- Kedai Kopi Ambassadress

If claypot dishes is your thing, make sure to put this on your list as Kedai Kopi Ambassadress offers a very tasteful claypot chicken rice. Things get even better with their generosity in tossing more pieces of chicken inside you claypot and a magic twist of salted fish and an egg to complete it all.


Address: 4703a, Lorong Bagan Luar 1, 12000 Butterworth, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

cr: world of buzz

6- Mee Tarik Warisan Asli

Yes, we know this place is a little diverge from the other but hey noodles for life and it feels as if you are eating in the motherland. The chewy handmade noodles with a trick of pulling and stretching just to give the authentic texture will blow your mind.

Address: 1623, Jalan Baru, Chai Leng Park, 13700 Perai, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

cr: @maleeh99.65

7- Mee Jawa Pasembur

Moving on to the next Top 10 Famous Food in Butterworth, is the lightly meal of Mee Jawa. Prepared with their delicious tomato-based gravy, this Mee Jawa is also topped with crunchy pasembur crackers and a spoon of sambal to spice your tastebuds.

Address: 6794, Jalan Raja Uda, Taman Dahlia, 12300 Butterworth, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Operating Hours: Everyday 12pm-6pm

cr: Christina L.

8- Cendol Maklom

Dessert yay never nay. Drop your diet plan for a day and taste the art of explosion in your mouth when you sip in the cendol. What is so special of this cendol? Guys it is cendol and cendol is super special local dessert plus the balancing of the sweetness and the coconut milk that gives a perfection of mouthgasm.

Address: Kampung Sungai Puyu, 13800 Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia

Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday and Saturday and Sunday 11am-6pm

cr: @fitritursina

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9- Rojak Tonggek

A catchy name it is. What is chair when you can bend and dip straight to the sauce after grabbing the sticks of fruits and fulfil your mouth with. Besides you don’t really have to “tonggek” if you don’t want to but hey where’s the fun in it?

Address: Jalan Pantai, 12000 Butterworth Pulau Pinang

cr: nurul a.

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10- Murtabak Lee

They doubled their fillings and wrap it tightly then cooked on the large pan until it is golden and crispy. It is one of the most famous murtabak here in mainland. You can only get it during one of the night markets here and yes revive your energy as the lining up is long.

Address: Pasar malam Seberang Jaya

Operating Hours: Wednesday 5.30pm-9pm


Can You Feel The Love Yet?

To sum it all, ‘Heaven of Food‘ is Penang’s middle name. We hope that we have got you covered well with this entry. Left anything behind? Relax, drop us comments if you guys have any suggestions.

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