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10 Ideas For First-Dates In Penang

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Hello, gang! Are you going on your first date? We can help you with our 10 Ideas For First-Dates In Penang list! Everyone is different from one to another, hence, we have a little mixture of everything. Hopefully, you will find something that suits you, or your date!

10 Ideas For First-Dates In Penang

1. Picnic On The Beach

Photo: @beachpeech (Instagram)

There are so many beautiful beaches in our little island! Don’t you think that the sun and sea will make a wonderful backdrop for your first date? Yes, yes, it will! With so many beaches around Penang, where to go? We believe that Teluk Bahang beach is the best, considering that it is quieter compared to the rest.

Some of the things the non-food items that you may want to consider bringing are sunscreen, blanket, wet tissues, cutleries, and bottle opener. To elevate your date, bring a bottle of wine! You can always stop by The Wine Shop or Vantage Wine to buy a bottle of sparkles!

2. Go For A Bike Ride

Photo: LinkBike (Facebook)

Unless, you don’t know how to ride a bicycle, because that will be a terrible idea, and that doesn’t make a good impression on the first date. Riding a bicycle is a fun, and a new way to explore the island. Think about it! It is faster than foot, and you can stop when you want to see something.

Where are you going to get a bicycle? There’s Link Bike and it is not that hard to use! It is available on a few locations in the island and the price is only RM 2.00 for one day pass. You can cycle nearby the sea, in the heart of Georgetown, or a place that means something to you!

3. Meet For Brunch

Photo: Urban Daybreak (Facebook)

It’s a Saturday afternoon kind of thing! Breakfast food is the best kind of food there is in the whole world. Combine it with a cup of coffee, it will kick-start the perfect date ever. Without a doubt, there are so many cafes to choose from. Where is the best place to bring your first-date?

Urban Daybreak makes the best Australian inspired breakfast in town. We love their Fried Chicken Waffle. The ambiance makes a good place for deep conversations too! Another great option is Wheeler’s Coffee because their big breakfasts are to die for! Their outdoor seating makes a good place to people watch too!

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4. Play Arcade Games

Going to a shopping mall can be very unavoidable. It is everywhere! Instead of going to watch a movie, how about playing some arcade games instead? It is time to kick in some adrenaline rush! No worries if you are feeling a little rusty when it comes to arcade games because we all are! Playing some arcade games will let you know more about your date’s personality.

You can compete with them over a car race (Daytona for the win, always), or team up together to fight zombies! There are a few arcades scattered around, but the best one is located on the highest floor in Gurney Plaza.

5. Check Out Some Views

Photo: @reiqua (Instagram)

We often say that Penang has a lot of amazing food, but we always forget to mention that it has some amazing views too! Backdrops play an important role when it comes to dates. A beautiful setting makes a date memorable. So, where to go?

You can always go all the way up to Penang Hill and catch a bird-eye view of the entire Penang island during sunset. The cold wind and birds chirping makes the setting even more romantic! Another wonderful option will be Straits Quay at night time, with Georgetown lights beaming, and the sounds of the waves crashing, you’re going to have a good time!

6. Explore Nature

If you are big on nature, this one is for you! If you are feeling nervous on your first-date, there is no better place than being surrounded by trees! It will keep you calm and composed. Penang’s Botanical Gardens is perfect for a short stroll.

You will get a glimpse manicured grass, trees of all shapes and sizes, and colourful flowers. It is best to visit it in the evening to avoid the sun. Or, you can drive through the scenic Batu Ferringhi to get to Tropical Spice Garden. Immerse yourself in nature and learn a little bit about the history of Penang, and spices. Pro tip: Bring a mosquito repellent.

7. Catch Some Live Bands

Photo: Golden Shower (Facebook)

Everybody loves music! Well, if you don’t really like talking that much, catching some live bands over a bottle of wine, or a glass of cocktail will do the trick! Catching some live bands can also be a conversation starter for favourite music genres and favourite bands.

Bring your date to the exquisite Golden Shower if you feel like kicking up the notch. It has great ambiance, bar snacks, and stiff drinks. Another favourite is China House! The artsy place serves the best cakes in Penang! Love Lane is a lovely place to stop by as there are many bars playing different music genre.

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8. Taste Some Desserts

Photo: Roots Dessert Bar (Facebook)

It is not a date without a sweet ending. When you are done with dinner, but you don’t want the date to end, what are you going to do? Go for some desserts, of course! Lucky for you, there are so many places that serve gastronomical desserts!

As mentioned before, China House will be a perfect combination of live music and really good cakes! Roots Dessert Bar is very creative with their desserts with Watermelon Cake and Tofu Cheesecake on their menu. There is no other way to beat Penang’s heat apart from eating ice-cream! Try out Merry Me. It has a wide selection of Malaysian inspired ice-cream to choose from.

9. Play Tourist

Photo: Yang Zhen Siang (Facebook)

It is something that we all love to do! This time around, head to a place that you are not familiar with and explore it with your first-date. You can have a walk in a new location with a few places in mind. By doing this, you will have a special experience with your first-date, and it gives you many opportunities to know more about them.

Instead of going to Georgetown for a meal, how about Pulau Tikus? There are many food options, heritage houses, and temples. Another wonderful option is Air Itam, with a variety of hawker food, Penang Hill, and Kek Lok Si Temple around.

10. Visit A Night Market

Sitting down in a restaurant for first dates can be very mainstream. Be different and visit a night market instead! Life is too short to be restricted with a menu on your first date. It is always a treat to visit a night market, you will never know what you will find!

There are local delicacies, fusion food, and international snacks! The best night market to visit in Penang is Farlim Night Market. Being the biggest night market in Penang, there are so many little stalls to discover, your hands will be full by the end of the trip! Remember to wear light clothing, you don’t want to be sweaty on your date. You’re welcome!

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That’s the end our list for 10 Ideas For First-Dates In Penang. We hope that this list will be helpful for you. Thank you for reading and good luck! 🙂

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