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An Experience in Tropical Spice Garden Penang

A spicy post!

Is it worth taking a trip all the way to Teluk Bahang to visit Tropical Spice Garden? Yes, it is! It has a beautiful landscape of more than 500 species of plants. Perfect place for families, friends and nature lovers to visit. It makes you feel like you are in a happy fairy tale! In this post, An Experience in Tropical Spice Garden talks about our visit and the things you can do that at the picturesque place!


An Experience in Tropical Spice Garden

Getting There

Coming from Batu Feringgi, you will notice a huge Tropical Spice Garden signage! You have arrived! If you are driving, there are parking available on the sides of the roads. Remember to put signals first before turning in as there are always oncoming traffic. You can also get there with Rapid Bus, bus number 101 and 102 takes you here! With Hop On & Hop Off, follow the Beach Route and Tropical Spice Garden is stop number 19.


Once you have entered, there is a registration station on the left side. The prices are stated at the back of the counter. Audio Tours Entrance are RM 17 for children, RM 23 for senior citizens / students and RM 29 for adults. Guided Tours are RM 20 for children,RM 33 for senior citizens / students and RM 45 for adults.

There’s cooking school too! RM240 for adults and RM 120 for children. We will talk a little more about it in a bit! By the way, we opted for the Audio Tours! Shout out to the people of Tropical Spice Garden, they are super friendly and informative

Audio Tours

You will be equipped with an audio device and a map (available in English and Mandarin) if you choose the Audio Tour, too! The photograph above is an audio device. It looks like a television remote control and it works like one. It is super easy to use!

As an example, if you see one of these, you just press the number accordingly and press play! When you are done, press stop before heading to the next place. If you are in a hurry, there is an express tour that you can follow. It covers all the important parts of Tropical Spice Garden.


Mini tour takes one minute, actual tour takes approximately 45 minutes. Are you ready for a mini tour with us? Let’s go!

Mini Tour: Water Garden

The first stop will be Water Garden, it is directly on the left from the registration counter. You will be greeted with fishes swimming in the pond. It is hard to take photographs because the fishes swim really fast and the water is not very clear. However, the massive pond with floating lillies is quite a sight!


Mini Tour: Spice Globe

At Spice Globe, you will get to learn fascinating stories behind some of the most well-known spices, including nutmeg and tiny clove. Take your time to know about the journeys of the early traders and wars. Trust us, it is not as boring as it sounds!

Mini Tour: Spice Terraces


Spice Terraces consist of plants that makes the spices. Take a tour and learn about the plants. Apart from that, you can also learn about the Penang’s history and contribution to the spice trade, from an unknown island to bustling centre for spices!

Mini Tour: Heart Of The Garden

There is a giant swing in the heart of the garden. It is perfect to relax and take photographs. Pro-tip, the best way to take the photograph is the front, but it is a little elevated. How are you going to do? Bring your selfie stick along and you will beautiful photographs, for sure!

Mini Tour: Bamboo Garden & Tea Kiosk

One of the most exciting parts of the tour is the Tea Kiosk! There are different brews and we had Revitalising Misai Kucing Tea when we went. It is a little bit sweet but it feels really calming. A nice treat after a long walk. You can take a seat and enjoy the tea. Fret not, there are shaded seats!

Mini Tour: Reflexology Path

There is a reflexology path along the way from Bamboo Garden & Tea Kiosk towards Beverages of the World. Take off your shoes and take step on it, if you dare! Rumour has it that it will hurt a lot if a person is unhealthy, we are wondering if that’s true or is just a myth?

Mini Tour: Jungle Walks

If you are not opting for the Express Tour, you can stop Jungle Walks! It is a good place be fully immersed in nature. However, it is not recommended for children or senior citizens as some of the steps may be slippery or too steep. Precaution is better than cure!

Mini Tour: Slides & Ladders

Instead of snakes and ladders, they have slides and ladders! This playground is great for children as they have different lengths of slides for them. Unfortunately, we believe that it is currently closed for some kind of renovation. Hopefully, it will be up when you are going!

Gift Shop

The Gift Shop also acts as an exit for Tropical Spice Garden. The little dome with a real tree in the middle has many things that screams Malaysia! Of course, the spices takes center stage. Apart from that, there are many cook books, batik printed items, and nice (really nice!) postcards for sale.

Cooking Class

Here’s a glimpse of the room used for their cooking class! The building is yellow on the outside and in the inside, too! The will provide the ingredients, and everything else. You need to make a booking beforehand if you are interested. Check out their website for information!

Tree Monkey

Tree Monkey is their in-house cafe and restaurant that serves classic Thai dishes such as Tom Yam, Pineapple Rice, Mango Sticky Rice and many more! Their price is quite alright considering the view that it offers together. You have the option of sitting indoors or outdoors, we love the latter one!


The people in Tropical Spice Garden are tremendously helpful, they will make you feel like home! Tropical Spice Garden is a great place to explore to learn more about spices, plants, history, and culture. A wonderful place to take photographs because the place is just simply mermerising! Unfortunately, the location is a little out of the way considering that it is at Teluk Bahang. If you have the time, go! It’s going to be worth it!

? Google Map | ⏰ Opens daily, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

? Website | ?04 881 1797

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