You Can Now Get Sinovac Vaccine From Island Hospital Penang Soon

Let’s be honest, the previous registration for AstraZeneca vaccine was one hell of a roller coaster ride. While it was bliss to see so many people volunteered to get vaccinated, registration was closed within an hour. The frustration of not getting a vaccine slot? We get it. For those who are keen to get vaccinated, good news! The Sinovac vaccine will be available at Island Hospital Penang soon!

Sinovac Vaccine Will Be Available at Island Hospital Penang Soon:

Island Hospital Penang has recently posted over on Facebook asking netizens if they’re interested in getting the Sinovac vaccine when they’re available. The post was soon bombarded with hundreds of comments, the response was just overwhelming.

Penangites, if you’re eager to get vaccinated sooner than your appointed period from the government, this is a great option. You can now register your interest here by filling up the form, until 8th of June 2021. NOTE: It’s not a registration for the vaccine. By filling up the form, Island Hospital Penang will notify you when the vaccine is available.

Here’s another fact. The Sinovac vaccine offered by the hospital is not part of the government National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme, but rather a privately paid programme. Meaning to say, it’s not free. Price and availability will be answered as soon as they have updates.

Here are some of the FAQs posted by them, kudos to the PR team for being so responsive!

Foodies, are you interested to get the Sinovac vaccine from Island Hospital Penang? If your answer is a yes, don’t forget to register your interest. Share this piece of information out to your friends and family so they’ll get notified as well. That’s all, take care and buh bye!

Register your interest here:

Source: Island Hospital Penang

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