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Top 10 Things You Can Do at Southern Island of Penang

Penang is a Whole Package For Your Holidays

Hello our dearest readers. We hope you guys are doing just fine. In today’s entry we are going to share with you guys about Top 10 Things You Can Do at Southern Island of Penang. Basically, you able to know what to do at Bayan Lepas or Balik Pulau area. Of course we are going to cover all parts of Penang: North, South, East, West, the Mainland even!

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What to do at Bayan Lepas or Balik Pulau Penang?

We have the food, the heritage and cultures we are so proud of, the scenic views of hills and beaches, the art we appreciate and so many more stories to tell. We hope this list will do good for you guys *wink*.

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1-  Akuarium Tunku Abdul Rahman

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming..” Who knows, nemo and dory might be there too!

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2-  Bao Sheng Durian Farm

Pungent smell what? Durian is the love of our life and we are crazy about it.

#PenangFoodieTips:  the season starts around June until August! But, they do offer a non-season package so no worries.

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3-  Batu Maung Fishing Village

Famous for the mysterious large footprint located on a boulder on the beach, the locals have many different version of stories about it. Some believe it was the footprint of Admiral Cheng Ho and to others it was left behind by the monkey god Hanuman.

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4-  Bukit Genting Hill

Great view plus great food? What more could have been asked? Camera junkies, hold ’em snapping tools as there are plenty of lookout points for time-lapse photography of the drifting clouds or sunset.

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5-  Penang Snake Temple

*Whisper*…we heard that, legend says that this temple was the home of a religious man and he gave the snakes shelter. For long after they remained there after his death.

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6 – Saanen Dairy Goat Farm

You guys do know that we are not all hustle here and hustle there, concrete jungle  and urban city. There are so many sides of Penang and we love each of it!

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cr: fb@ saanen dairy goat farm
cr: fb@ saanen dairy goat farm

7-  Queensbay Mall

Get in touch with the new-trend in the city and pose it out. That means, MORE SHOPPING!

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8-  Penang War Museum

History geek, where are you guys? We at Penang Foodie truly love when it comes to getting to know more of our city. And we hope you are up for it too! Just so you know that they have a night tour if you want to see you-know-what. We also have a good list of the museums in Penang.

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9-  Penang Artist Corner

The team aims to become a central hub for paintings and art pieces by Penang artists and we are hoping the same too!

10-  Tuanku Fauziah Museum & Art Gallery

The museum cum art gallery has been here since 1982 and most of the collection is housed in an elegant neo-classical building. This museum’s vision is to bring science, technology, art and culture together under one roof. And they did!

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Guide: Things to do at Southern Island Penang

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As usual, we do hope that you guys are up on planning your trip to Penang. Also, keep using our blog as your guide for Penang 101. We love you! <3



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