COVID-19: Tenby International School Penang Confirmed 2 Students Tested Positive

Hello there friends, how are you guys coping as we venture into CMCO once again? In case you’re still confused with the Penang districts, here’s a helpful guide. Today, we’re here to report that Tenby Schools Penang has released an official statement, confirming 2 positive cases of COVID-19.

2 Positive COVID-19 Cases At Tenby Tanjung Bungah, Penang

Posted on its official Facebook page, Tenby Schools Penang confirmed in the statement that the 2 positive cases are from Year 2 and Year 7, respectively. As a result of this, screening will be taking place in the school today. Furthermore, the school has been cooperating with the health authorities in providing relevant information about students or staff who may have been in contact with the 2 students.

Tenby School Penang COVID-19

According to a report by TheStar, only a few students came in contact with the two COVID-19 positive students. Additionally, the relevant authorities are impressed with the measures implemented by the school upon visiting. In fact, the school has strict SOPs in place that meet and exceed the Health Ministry’s standards and benchmarks.

Tenby School Penang COVID-19
Photo: @tenbypenang (Facebook)

The 2 positive COVID-19 students did not demonstrate any symptoms while in school. Should you require any additional information about this, feel free to email the principal of Tenby Schools Penang. As of 9th November 12PM, Penang recorded 34 new cases adding to a total of 364 active cases.

Photo: @PenangLawanCovid19 (Facebook)

Stay Safe, Penangites

For now, we should all do our part and limit unnecessary outings. Also, always practise a good sense of overall hygiene, wear your mask and keep social distancing in mind. Take care, Penangites!

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