Belimbing Cafe: Serving Gigantic RM 1 Roti Jala With Savoury Curry For Over 20 Years


  • Belimbing Cafe at Teluk Bahang, Penang has been serving gigantic Roti Jala for over 20 years
  • Each piece is priced at only RM 1
  • The savoury curry options here are the perfect match for the tender Roti Jala

Good day foodie friends! Today’s post is once again, on the food gems located right here in humble Penang Island. Of course, when it comes to Penang street food, we’re always loaded with options. It’s like wherever you look, there’s a lip-smacking stall serving delicious Penang eats. So, without further ado, let’s zoom in on a gem in Teluk Bahang, Penang. It’s none other than Belimbing Cafe, serving the largest Roti Jala in Penang for only RM 1!

Belimbing Cafe: Serving Beautifully Coiled Roti Jala At Teluk Bahang

In Penang, the spotlight is almost always on Georgetown with its Char Koay Teow, Laksa, Hokkien Mee and more.  Meanwhile, Teluk Bahang only comes to mind when we think of outdoor activities such as ESCAPE Theme Park, Entopia and more. Well, did you guys know that Teluk Bahang is also a foodie paradise on its own? It’s proven by this humble stall serving gigantic Roti Jala that’s a crowd favourite.

Roti Jala Belimbing Cafe Penang
Photo: @cikepal06 (Instagram)

Roti Jala is a common tea-time snack for Malaysians while to some, it’s also the perfect breakfast. Roti Jala is unique in the sense that it looks like lace doilies due to its preparation method. Essentially, Roti Jala is made with a special cup that has 5 nozzles The batter is poured through this cup onto a sizzling pan while moving in a circular motion to create an overlapping lace appearance.

Roti Jala Belimbing Cafe Penang
Photo: @iamazhbaie (Instagram)

Belimbing Cafe has been around longer than we notice, dating back to the year 1998. This means that in 2020, they’ve been around for 22 years. What stands out in this cafe is their gigantic Roti Jala, in fact, it’s deemed as the largest Roti Jala right here in Penang. Here, you can pair their soft and tender Roti Jala with either Chicken, Beef Curry or more for ultimate satisfaction.

Roti Jala Belimbing Cafe Penang
Photo: @jonjonnomnom (Facebook)

Aside from serving the largest Roti Jala here in Penang, each piece of this beautifully coiled snack is only RM 1. Ordering it with a side of curry will not exceed more than RM 5. Operating as early as 6 AM, it’s perfect for early risers looking for an awesome breakfast to kickstart their day.

Roti Jala Belimbing Cafe Penang
Photo: @iamazhbaie (Instagram)

Have You Tried This?

So, if you ever have this sudden craving for a piece of Roti Jala, just drop by at Belimbing Cafe at Teluk Bahang. It’s pocket-friendly and tummy satisfying for sure.

Address: Jalan Teluk Bahang, Teluk Bahang, 11050, Pulau Pinang

Hours: 6 AM-12 PM (Closes on Thursdays)

Status: Muslim-owned

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