Penang to Langkawi – By Flight, Ferry and Bus Guide

How to travel from Penang to Langkawi? Flight, ferry or bus?

If you’re wondering our sudden interest over this beautiful island, it’s due to our recent vacation there and the hype is real. No amount of reads or experience told by your friends is as close as soaking your feet in clear crystal clear water overlooking the mountains as the sun lies on the horizon turning the orange shade to pink.

how to go langkawi from penang

So if you wondering how to head to Langkawi from Penang,  there are 4 options that we would like to guide you through for the best experience without causing a hole in the pocket! The ultimate tip to a budget holiday is to plan ahead and book as earliest as possible to save more and explore the most chill way possible!

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Penang to Langkawi

1. Fly from Penang to Langkawi

Ranking as world no.1 cheapest airline service across Asia, Air Asia offer flight deals as cheap MYR39 one way from Penang to Langkawi. How crazy is that??? The craziest thing is that the whole journey takes less than 35 mins. If you’re leaving in Pantai Cenang, the distance from the airport to the hotel is a rough 10 mins and Grab are in abundance so you’re covered! Remember: BOOK EARLIER

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2. Direct ferry from Georgetown to Kuah

Though not the cheapest option  it’s an opportunity to take in the vast beauty of mother nature and ocean as you cruise through one island to another! We begin the Journey at Swettenham Pier and breeze through a 3 hour journey pit stopping at Pulau Payar and lastly arriving at Kuah Jetty. Watch out for the seasick crowd as this occasional bumpy ride isn’t for the faintest of hearts! There are only a few boats using this route to Langkawi so be sure to check out this webpage for more information on the schedule!

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3. By Ferry and Train from Butterworth to Langkawi

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Hop on the 15mins ferry from Penang to Butterworth then take the train to either Alor Setar or Arau and transfer to the ferry ports for boats to Langkawi. Once reached in Butterworth, a commuter to Arau or Kuala Kedah will stop you at Alor Star. A bus ride from there to Kuala Kedah for an hour and a half ride to Langkawi.  The overall cost for this option is less than MYR40 making this the cheapest way to explore the serenity of the island through the small windows of the ride overlooking paddy fields and wild animals in their natural habitat.

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4. By bus/ driving from Penang and ferry to Langkawi

Without the hassle of hopping from one mode of transportation to another, A bus from Sungai Nibong which is about 4 hours (RM18) will directly take you to Kuala Perlis which then connects you to Langkawi with a 45mins ride (RM18 – RM 25 )! Best starting this journey as the rise shine to quicken the traveling time (Close to half a day) and reaching the beach ASAP.

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For the families with a big baggage, we’d recommend driving from Penang to Kuala Kedah then a 45 mins ride to Langkawi while you can transport your car to Langkawi through cargo as it’s less exhausting especially with kids around and transport in Langkawi wouldn’t be an issue!

There you have it, folks! Now you’ve got nothing to stop you from heading to a beach paradise 🙂 Feel free to comment here on your personal journey and we would hit you back with some fresh topics that spark your interest!

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