Penang Hill Funicular Train Will Be Shut Down From 19th To 28th April

Hello Penangites! While we are constantly appearing on your feed sharing the best food deals to look out for, today, things will be different. We’ll be sharing this rather important piece of news. The Penang Hill funicular train will be shut down from 19th to 28th April 2021.

Penang Hill Funicular Train To Close From 19th-28th April 2021

Most of us will hike up Penang Hill over the weekend or sometimes take the funicular train to head to Kopi Hutan. So if you regularly take the train up to Penang Hill, we have news. For 9 days, the funicular train will be disrupted.

Penang Funicular Train Shut Down
Photo: @mypenanghill (Facebook)

According to the Penang Hill Corporation, the closure will take place for 9 days. During this 9 days, no train service will be operating. And the reason for the closure is for the Penang Hill Upper Station refurbishment works (Phase 4).

Penang Funicular Train Shut Down
Photo: @arcadianic (Instagram)

If you’re still thinking to reach the top of Penang Hill during the shutdown period, then you can opt for the privately-operated jeep service from Penang Botanic Gardens or the existing hiking routes.

Penang Funicular Train Shut Down
Photo: @mypenanghill (Facebook)

As of right now, there is a temporary ticket counter located nearby Cliff Cafe for visitors looking to purchase a return ticket.

Penang Funicular Train Shut Down
Photo: @mypenanghill (Facebook)

Take Note, Penangites

So, regular visitors to Penang Hill, take note of this change. And if you can, share this news with your friends and relatives. Bye!

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