Here Are 20 Places In Penang That You Can Spot Blooming ‘Sakura’ Trees

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Who needs Japan when we can have our own sakura festival right here in Penang! As we are all aware, Penang is currently dyed in pink. And no matter where you turn, you can find at least one Tecoma tree blooming majestically, waiting to be adored. Since you can only find these kinds of scenes in Japan, locals are definitely delighted with Penang’s current look.

penang malaysia sakura tekoma

Photo: @watashiwanorhapizah (Facebook)

Here Are 20 Instaworthy Spots To Enjoy Blooming Tecoma Tree In Penang

penang malaysia sakura tekoma

Photo: @penangpress (Facebook)

penang malaysia sakura tekoma

Photo: @izzaishah (Facebook)

We have no idea who planted them but Penang is currently covered with pink and white Tecoma trees.  And the views are to die for. However, we do know that four years ago, Seberang Perai Municipal Council (MPSP) President, Datuk Rozali Mohamud decided to plant 3,002 Tecoma trees around 13 spots in Seberang Perai. And boy oh boy, aren’t we all glad for this ingenious plan. Fast forward today, we are able to enjoy long spans of scenic streets filled with majestic pink trees.

penang malaysia sakura tekoma

Photo: @zulkiplyishak (Facebook)

The spread of pink flowers resembles very closely to blooming sakura trees. Making it impossible not to strike a pose for the gram. So if you are planning to do just that, here are 20 places In Penang that are bedecked with Tecoma trees that you should definitely check out.

penang malaysia sakura tekoma

Photo: @jeffreyb.wira (Facebook)

Tanjung Tokong

1. Seri Tanjung Pinang

Bayan Lepas District

2. USM Bayan Lepas

3. Sungai Nibong Highway

Balik Pulau

4. Jalan Tun Sardon

North Seberang Perai District

5. Taman Bagan (Jalan Bagan 45)

6. Taman Riang

7. Taman Perda Indah

8. Jalan Sungai Lokan

Middle Seberang Perai District

9. Kolam tadahan (wet pond) bersebelahan Ibu Pejabat MPSP, Bandar Perda

10. Rezab Jalan Bulatan Bukit Tengah

11. Rezab Parit Monsun (Sebelah Masjid), Bandar Perda

12. Taman Tunku (Belakang Kompleks Sony)

13. Autocity Juru

South Seberang Perai District

14. Taman Rekriasi Valdor

15. Taman Belatuk | Taman Bersatu

16. Taman Seri Bayu

17. Bandar Tasek Mutiara (Lorong 12 SS/2 and Lorong 3 SS/3)

Other Locations

18. Bertam

19. Paya Keladi

20. Sungai Acheh

Seberang Perai Tekoma Tree

Photo: @zulkiplyishak (Facebook)

Let’s Go Photo Hunting!

Now that the list is out, it is time for us to whip up the camera and start posing! We only get to enjoy these wondrous scenes once in a blue moon so don’t be shy and start photo hunting today! Who knows, maybe there’s a hidden “sakura” tree around your neighbourhood. Do share with us in the comment section if we missed any other “Malaysia Sakura tree” spots in Penang

 Seberang Perai Tekoma Tree

Photo: @nurulnadhirah (Facebook)

Source: Sinar Harian

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