The Streets Of Penang Are Now Blooming With Beautiful “Sakura” Trees

A Sight To Behold

Hello there Penangites! If you have been taking a stroll along the streets of Penang, you might notice that it looks like we’re somewhat in the “Sakura” season. There are pink and white stretches of Sakura trees in full bloom along the streets of Penang. And this is all the more reason for us to slow down and truly appreciate the beauty of nature.

It’s “Sakura” Season In Penang

While it may feel like we’re being transported overseas, the wondrous sight of Sakura blossoms is actually an annual season in Malaysia. Resembling Sakura trees, these trees are actually Tecoma trees that bloom for approximately 2 weeks due to the dry season in Malaysia.

Sakura PenangPhoto: @PenangFoodie

Sakura PenangPhoto: @PenangFoodie

In fact, the Tecoma trees are usually planted in a majority of parks and along the streets of Malaysia. This is why, when it reaches its full bloom (usually in March), the streets of Malaysia will look like it’s the “Sakura” season.

Sakura PenangPhoto: @PenangFoodie

Sakura PenangPhoto: @PenangFoodie

Now you might have seen photos of these beautiful Tecoma streets in Kedah but we recently found out that Penang has plenty of them too! Just head over to Bayan Lepas or Bukit Mertajam and you will find the grounds laden with Tecoma trees. Or, drop by at the streets of Tanjung Tokong and you can easily spot them as well.

Sakura PenangPhoto: @PenangFoodie

Sakura PenangPhoto: @PenangFoodie

Have You Seen Tecoma Trees In Penang?

For travel-starved Penangites, this is one good opportunity to satiate your cravings. The best part? You might even find these blooming trees in your very own neighbourhood. So head out today and be on the lookout. This stunning sight may be the most wondrous one yet.

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  1. Hello, writer please note that this is tacoma tree or ‘Tabebuia rosea’. Malaysia climate is not conducive for Sakura tree. Do change as will be a laughing stock for overseas visitor.

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