12 Malaysia Foodies To Follow On Instagram

If you have been looking for which Malaysia foodie Instagram account to follow or feed your Instagram feed? You have come to the right place! Luckily, some of the work has been done for you here, with this round-up of 12 foodie Instagram accounts that will have you clicking following in no time and might even inspire you to take a better #foodporn photo.

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Instagram allows us to see exactly what inspires people and how creativity is drawn from their everyday life. As a foodie, we use Instagram to capture what we eat, what brings joy to our tummy, and what we’d love to recommend. Follow our Instagram account here: @penangfoodie

Food Instagrammer In Malaysia

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This isn’t just a question of the number of followers.

All of these foodies whom we admire are their : creativity, passion and photography skills. From trendy café eats to local delights, these Instagram accounts have it all. From the flat-lay or minimalist to the down-and-dirty, take your pick on which you’d prefer to feed your #insta feed.


Here are our 12 Malaysia Foodie Instagram accounts we stalk everyday and you should be following today.

Let’s jump in.


squarepad Instagram

Squarepad aka Ryan: put his creativity into Instagram to the whole new level. We love the idea the way he structure his photo by manipulating the color black and white, truly inspiring and amazing! His coined hashtag is #coffeemeetbojio

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dreamy_touch Instagram

#flatlaysgoal Uses only iPhone 5s, this account is full of mouth-watering food photos.


dududedoodle Instagram

If you’ve ever noticed someone doodling in restaurants, especially in hipster cafes, you’ve most probably stumbled upon DuDu. Every time he visits a café, Dudu de Doodle doodles on serviettes, coffee cups, tables or pretty much anything he could lay his hands on.


A photo posted by Ivan Chan (@psylancer) on

psylancer instagram

Psylancer – Ivan Chan or better known as headless poser on Instagram. And oh! You probably thinking this kind of quality photo must be taken from expensive DSLR, etc. Nope, in his latest blog, he noted that “I have taken my shots primarily on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone”. So yeah, no excuses, you can too, with your smartphone!

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A photo posted by ! king.s ? (@iuking_saw) on

iuking_saw Instagram

King’s instagram showcases lifestyle and foods. His images are gorgeous and make you realize how life really is.


foodievstheworld Instagram

Sarah Voon, otherwise known as ‘foodievstheworld’, takes on food of all kinds not just in KL but around the world on her Instagram account and blog of the same name. The pictures are bright and vibrant, much closer look compared to others.


eatdrinkkl Instagram
Eat Drink is a Kl food blog that features editorials, insightful restaurant reviews and a venue directory. Trust me, Eat Drink KL’s Instagram will surely inspires you on where are the next-to-go eateries in Kuala Lumpur.



High quality photography and consistent framing are what make carol.eats’s feed so gorgeous. We love it!

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Their motto: in search of the best eatery in town! Follow their gastronomy journey by following their account today!


kenhuntfood InstagramBorn and bred in Penang, Ken, or better known as the king of Penang food blogger showcases his gastronomy journey on his Instagram. If you running out of ideas where to eat in Penang, stalk him or us, Penang Foodie. :P

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mycafefood Instagram
If you’re cafe lover, you should definitely follow @mycafefood. A community that snaps the popular and hot cafes in Malaysia.


A photo posted by Chee Ching (@cheechingy) on

cheechingy Instagram

So beautiful isn’t? She has a way of making simple ingredients look luxurious, like these sweet and simple figs.


A photo posted by melissa (@teriyakiparty) on

teriyakiparty InstagramWe love how Melissa presents her masterpieces, so clear and gorgeously looking good. She truly deserve our follow on Instagram, agree?

In the Nutshell

top food malaysia instagrammer

Here’s our top 12 Malaysian Foodie Instagrammers we stalk every day. We hope you enjoy reading it, pick the one that suits your style and follow. Even better, you should follow them all! Do share with us foodie recommendations in the comments section below, if we missed any good one that deserves more attentions.

Check out Sedap Giler too.

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