Innisfree Heard Our Call: Finally Opening in Penang!

Foodies Can Have Good Skin Too

DISCLAIMER: Innisfree is not a restaurant nor food, but a Korean beauty brand. Now the next question comes in, why is Penang Foodie talking about beauty products? True, we’re a foodie but that doesn’t mean we’re not human being, OUR SKIN NEEDS EXTRA TOUCH as well. No this is not sponsored (we wish so Innisfree do you hear us?), but Innisfree is finally coming to Penang! Want to find out more about Innisfree Penang? Continue reading lah obviously.

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About Innisfree Penang:

Gurney Plaza

This might not be your first time hearing this. You might have seen social media posts about Innisfree opening in Penang. The location? Gurney Plaza of course. Innisfree Penang is taking over the optical shop MOG. When Innisfree first landed in Kuala Lumpur, everyone freaked out. The outlets in Kuala Lumpur are always crowded. 99% of ladies travelling down to Kuala Lumpur from Penang must visit Innisfree. Now that Innisfree Penang is landing in Gurney Plaza, be prepared for the crowd.

Cr: @innisfreeofficial

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What to Get When Innisfree Penang Opens?

Innisfree is known as a natural brand that shares the benefits of nature from Jeju Island. With that said, most of their skincare won’t disappoint, and we mean every skincare line. Editor have tried most of their products from its Green Tea line and must say their Green Tea serum is a must-have for natural glowing skin. Their seed cream is great for dry/combination skin as well. The pick-me-up item to get from Innisfree Penang has to be their Green Tea mist, so refreshing. As for makeup, their RM15 eyebrow pencil is editor’s ride or die. You can’t complain with that price point. Pss: Innisfree has body care, fragrance and nail care as well.

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Credit: @innisfreeofficial


So When is Innisfree Penang Opening?

Credit: @innisfreemalaysia

The most sought after question, and we’re here to reveal it to you. Innisfree Penang is opening on the 17th of August people. So get your friends, boyfriend, family members and credit card ready to shop till you drop! Get your hands on their bestsellers like volcanic pore clay mask, Green Tea serum, no sebum powder and more. You might find editor swatching products in Innisfree Penang some day.


Innisfree Penang

Address: 170-01-11, Gurney Plaza, Penang
Grand Opening: 17 August 2018
Facebook page, click here.

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