Fun Day Filled With Interactive Performances, Cultural Workshops & More On George Town UNESCO World Heritage Day

The George Town Heritage Celebrations 2024 (GTHC 2024) will kick off on 7th July this year, marking the 16th anniversary as a World Heritage Site with the rich cultural diversity of George Town as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 


Happy 16th George Town UNESCO World Heritage Day

Organised by George Town World Heritage Incorporated (GTWHI) and in collaboration with 42 community groups, this year’s Celebrations feature 16 cultural workshops, 6 interactive performances, and 20 community-led programs, with activities curated for the public to learn about, understand, and appreciate the cultural heritage of George Town. 

Dr Ang Ming Chee, the General Manager of GTWHI, extends her invitation to everyone, in particular families with teenage children, to partake in this year’s heritage celebrations and create cultural-inspired memories. There will be 22 cultural workshops stationed across Armenian Park, Masjid Melayu Lebuh Acheh, Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi, and Hock Teik Cheng Sin Temple. These workshops are sponsored by the State Government of Penang and curated to promote multi-cultural appreciation and coexistence of multicultural communities. 

Fun Activities You Can Expect:

Activities to be conducted included Chingay Parade, 2D Teochew Opera Face Mask Painting, Bamboo Star Lantern Making, Thiru Udayada (handmade decorative fan) Making, Spice Grinding and Pounding Experience, Chinese Paper Cutting and Flourish Strokes, Manik Beading, Tiles Design Wooden Coaster Stamping, Henna Drawing, Malay Musical Instrument Workshop, Traditional Chinese Dough Figurine Making, Batik Painting Workshop, Vesti and Saree Draping, Kimono Doll Bookmark Making, Malaysian-Designed Board Game Experience, and Wayang Kulit Miniature Puppet Bookmark Creation. Interactive cultural performances will return for the second year due to popular demand at Seh Tek Tong Cheah Kongsi, featuring Boria, Loy Krathong, Japanese Dance, Dikir Barat, Telugu Biddalu Dance, as well as Dhol and Bhangra.

There will also be 20 community-led programs conducted throughout the year and George Town Heritage Day City Walk on 7th July to allow participants to stroll down the streets of George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site, while embracing the beauty of this heritage town’s cityscape with their loved ones. Participants will be awarded with a medal and e-certificate upon completing the walk. 


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Save The Date!

So guys, don’t forget this date – 7th July 2024, where you can witness and celebrate yet again the rich and beautiful heritage, culture, and celebrations of our beloved Penang. Let’s have fun, see you there!


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