CMCO in Penang to End on December 6, Except in Mukim 12 and 13

Foodies, we have news. The government has just announced in a live conference that CMCO will end in Penang as scheduled, which is 6 December 2020. This is with an exception of two Mukim, which is Mukim 12 in Barat Daya and Mukim 13 in Timur Laut. CMCO will extend in these two Mukim until 20 December 2020.

CMCO in Penang to End on December 6, Except Mukim 12 & 13:

In a live conference by MKN earlier on, Senior Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob announced that CMCO in Penang will end on 6 December 2020, which is tomorrow (Sunday). This is with an exception of two Mukim, Mukim 12 and 13, due to a spike of COVID-19 cases in these two areas.

Thus, CMCO in these two Mukim will continue from 7 December to 20 December 2020. Penangites especially in these two areas are urged to comply to the SOP, whereby businesses are only allowed to operate until 12 a.m, and more.

While CMCO is about to end tomorrow, let us not forget to continue practice safe hygiene, social distance, and adhere to the SOP. This is to prevent the spike of cases again in our island. That’s all, we’ll do our best to keep you guys updated, buh bye!

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