Breaking: 262坊 That’s Next To Kids on Bicycle Mural Is Torn Down

We’re here to bring you a piece of breaking news. The tag-worthy cafe right beside the famous “Kids on Bicycle” mural street art that was painted by Ernest Zacharevic, 262坊, has just met its end unknowingly on the 2nd of July 2019.

Photo: 262.beachstreet

262坊 Is Torn Down Due To Building Illegally

This mini F&B spot was located at Armenian street and was somewhere people enjoyed going. Little did they know that it was actually an illegal extension in the middle of the heritage area. House to Forest Bottle, Moonshop Gallery, Kota Express, Plan C and Botanical Art, these are the 5 vendors that were affected financially.


It used to be a place of convenience where people get to enjoy desserts, drinks, and foods or even terrarium. Despite the demolition ongoing, tourists around seemed unaffected and continued to have their pictures taken with the mural.


However, according to Kwongwah, the owner of this spot was actually informed to submit legal paperwork and blueprints to the government and yet the owner did not seem to care because there wasn’t a deadline written on the notice.


Just when everyone thought this was going smoothly, four lorries arrived in the morning at 10 AM. One of them was responsible for the demolition project.


This tragedy has caused a loss of an approximate of RM 200,000 to RM 300,000.

Will 262坊 Be Revived In The Future?

262坊 updated that it’s under renovation until further notice. Although people are disappointed with the teardown, they were also convinced that it should be built legally and hope that 262坊 will return in the future. What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment right below!

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  1. About time. These ridiclous stupid cafe must go. one step at a time. Penang Council, go go go

  2. It’s just leeching on the art hoping to make some money from it. Lol anyways nobody ever listens to the city council. Even the fine isn’t enough to stop these people cause they can afford it anyway.

  3. It’s about time Malaysians make the change and stop doing things illegally. Good job Penang council!

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