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Top 10 Street Arts And Murals in Penang

The island with a splash of colours!

Presenting to you The Top 10 Street Arts in Penang that will stop one in track for the Instagram. Wandering around the streets of Penang, if it ain’t the colonial built heritage, the food or any cultural festivals, then it will be the street arts that will get you hooked and succumbs the body to stand in the queue for that one shot of quirkiness.

10 Street Art / Murals in Penang

Began in 2012 when the Penang Municipal Council hired a young Lithuanian to make the rusty walls a canvas of reflection inspired by the locals,  Earnest Zacharevic, and other equal artists poured their soul into the brushes and brought the street to life. So here we are with 10 different street art we think is pretty dope!

#1 Kids On a bicycle @ Armenian Street

By lizzty

Isn’t it slightly crazy to think the genuine expressions of the art was plainly out of an imagination? Well turns out these kids Tan Yi and Tan Kern on the pictures are actually real and internationally famous might I add. The painting was recently picked by British daily The Guardian’s readers as one of the 15 favorite murals out of 378 submitted from around the world

#2 Boy with his helmet loosely strapped to his head on a bike @ Ah Quee Street

Cr : Wnaderintwo


#3 Siblings peeping out of the window to get a hold of the dim sum from their parent’s bicycle @ Armenian street a block away from Clan Chew Jetty


The ‘I want Pau’ mural portraying two children stretching their hands out of the window hopping to grab on to some hot steam buns.

#4 Boy on a chair @ Cannon Street

By sideair

The Boy on Chair” painted in conjunction with GeorgeTown Festival back in 2012.

#5 Children playing Basketball @ Gat Lebuh Chulia

Cr: sjchinonly

This sister and brother mural painting was the 2nd street art painted by deaf  & mute Louis Gan.

#6 The Kungfu Girl in Blue @ Along Muntri Street


#7 The old Man @ Armenian Cafe

The old man

#8 Skippy the Cat @ Lebuh Armenian

Image result for skippy the cat penang

It’s hard not to miss this one when passing by Lebuh Armenian.   Made as a part of the 101 Lost Kittens Project by the ASA or Artists for Stray Animals, this one’s known as the Giant Cat Mural.

#9 The Trishaw and The Paddler @ Penang Road to the right of Jalan Muntri


Located right Infront of the red garden food court, this mural is the largest of them all in Penang and depicts one of the city’s popular rickshaw’s or “trishaw” and the owner “paddler” taking a rest and waiting for is next fare. Coincidently, this image sits across the street where the trishaw uncles with the leg above the other wait for their turn to show the tourist the other side of Penang.

#10 Two Children on a Boat @ChewJetty

Image result for two children on a boat street art
Time Out

And last but not least, located at one of the famous clan jetties, Chew, this mural depicts two children, a boy, and a girl, playing on a berthed sampan by the shore, with a pet cat.

The beauty of Penang lies in the eyes of ordinary people, their culture and way of life and that’s what makes Penang truly a wanderlust getaway. With this murals, the island is revealed in the purest of form and we are way more than proud to call this island OURS! That being said, get out there, explore and see the island through your vision.

Adios Amigos 🙂

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