IKEA Batu Kawan Will Be Opening On 14th March 2019

Just announced.

Good things are happening in the year  2019, and IKEA Batu Kawan Will Be Opening In March is one of them. Initially, IKEA planned to open at the end of March, but they have now moved forward to 14th of March instead! Yay!

ikea batu kawan

That means we don’t need to drive all the way to Kuala Lumpur to get our cravings fixed, we can just have it here. There are so many things to look forward in IKEA! We are going to list some of the things to make you all happy and excited? Just like once Taylor Swift sang, are you ready for it?

IKEA Batu Kawan Will Be Opening In March

Photo: Nazri Ahmad (Facebook)

1. Feast at IKEA Restaurant

Photo: (Instagram)

You already know this is. It is not right for us to not start off with food in a Penang Foodie’s list. Finally, we are able to get our IKEA meals without going all the way to Kuala Lumpur. IKEA Restaurant looks exactly like a cafeteria with innovative trolleys and trays.

Look forward to eating delicious Swedish meatballs (chicken and vegetarian options are available too), fried chicken wings, salmon fillet, lamb shank, strawberry cheesecake, and many more!

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2. Strike A Pose At Their Iconic Warehouse

Photo: @syaaaaadapbabyy (Instagram)

Take a photograph of yourself striking a pose at their iconic warehouse and be the first to tag #ikeabatukawan! Over the years, there are many Instagrammers who showcase their outfit of the day at IKEA. Pose, and take photographs at a row of your choice. Some people even go all the way out by using different kind of props such as trolleys. It is time for you to be super creative to stand out from the rest! If the warehouse doesn’t match your feed, how about the showroom instead?

3. Be Inspired To Redecorate Your House

Photo: @ikeamalaysia (Instagram)

Hands down, IKEA creates the most stunning furniture you can find on the face of Earth. Some of them are really simple, so that you can alter them to fit into the theme of your house. Others are really innovative, and you can use them for multipurpose such as the Gjora bed frame that allows you to hang anything you like! If you are looking for a new storage system for your house, IKEA is the best place to be too! While they are making their showrooms, you just need to take a look at all the products and on their website and be excited with us!

4. Bring Some Frozen Meatballs Home

Photo: @bagelkam (Instagram)

Sure, driving all the way to Batu Kawan for a meal every single week can be very tedious. You can buy some home instead. Don’t forget their lingonberry jam, and also the cream sauce mix for the meatballs. Yay! That can be done now! It feels extremely impossible to bring back some frozen meatballs all the way from Cheras and Damansara. While you are shopping for some frozen goods, do check out their other goods as well. You can find coffee, biscuits, and muesli at the Swedish Food Market.

5. Be Excited For Their Offers

Photo: IKEA (Website)

IKEA has offers every now and then. At times, their offers are really good. Have you heard it on the radio recently regarding their sales? Very catchy. Instead of buying everything online when there are sales, you can now head to Batu Kawan, and take it home with you! Don’t need to wait for the delivery man to show up on your doorstep. Also, there will be an “As It Is” section whereby you can buy products for a cheaper rate as compared to the new ones in stock! Ain’t that the dream? #cheapthrills #ikeafamily

IKEA Batu Kawan Will Be Opening In March

Photo: Nazri Ahmad (Facebook)

Currently, there are already things that you can do in Batu Kawan as they continuously develop the place. Check out Design Village, a shopping outlet with discounts all year round, similar to Genting Premium Outlet and Johor Premium Outlet.

Brands include Coach, Guess, Levi’s, Kipling, Superdry, Aldo, and Puma! Another great place to visit is Central Park Batu Kawan! The gorgeous park is filled with different types of flowers in every direction, great for a family outing.

What are you most excited when it comes to IKEA? Let us know in the comments!


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