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You Can Finally Get Japanese ‘Fuwa-Fuwa’ Souffle Pancake in Penang!

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If you guys didn’t know what souffle pancake is, you might have seen videos of Japanese pancakes jiggling. That’s right, that’s the souffle pancake, lighter and airier in texture. Super adorable in shape, Japanese call the fluffy texture ‘fuwa-fuwa,’ hence the name. You can now get the famous pancakes at Lavish Fusion Bakery! We went to try out their Fuwa-Fuwa Souffle Pancake and here’s what we thought.


About Lavish Fusion Bakery:

Dubbed as one of the most beautiful cafes in Penang, their floral, aesthetic theme won our hearts away. A brainchild of Love a Loaf Bakery, Lavish Fusion Bakery serves contemporary fusion cuisine, offering delectable pastries and Instagrammable drinks as well. This time around, they’ve came out with new desserts menu, and it’s the Lavish Fuwa-Fuwa Souffle Pancake.


First Impression on Fuwa-Fuwa Souffle Pancake:

Just a little “FYI,” this Fuwa-Fuwa Souffle Pancake was ‘born’ on the 20th of October. Each and every pancake is made to order and is only available from 12 p.m. till sold out. When we first looked at the menu, we were completely stoked by how pretty a dessert can be.




The mandatory here’s-what-we-ordered picture. To those who are thinking “photos are for illustration purposes only and won’t look that good in real life.” We have to tell you even this photo shot on iPhone Xs Max can’t do Fuwa-Fuwa Souffle Pancake justice. Very Instagram-approved with the pastel color combination and plating.


How Fuwa-Fuwa Souffle Pancakes Taste:


Here comes the taste test of Fuwa-Fuwa Souffle Pancake. The Sakura Contemplation (RM24.90) is obviously their signature. The pastel pink is the most eye-catching and almost too pretty to destroy. On first attempt, you could definitely feel the airy, whipped texture which is very different from regular pancakes. It has its own milk fragrant and sweet note. Then more flavors will come in, sweet floral note with a hint of strawberry. You can definitely get more strawberry flavors when you pair it with their strawberry ice cream, sweetlicious.

Moving on to Jealousy of Mango (RM22.90) which sort of reminds us of mango sticky rice from the menu. This one is paired with honey, so you definitely get the sweetness with the cream. Balance it off with the mango sorbet on the side, perfect. We would say overall this is a very refreshing flavor, great for those who wants something lighter.


On to the last Fuwa-Fuwa Souffle Pancake we got, the local flavor. It’s Durian’s Lust (RM24.90), kudos to the one who came out with these cute names. If you’re a durian lover, you’ll love this. This plate of desserts has a lot coming. The heavenly thick durian ice cream, shredded coconut which added texture, gula melaka that enchances the flavors, agar and popcorn as decoration. It’s not just about durian, but you’ll also get a lot more which is a bit mind-blowing.

Pss: It’s best to enjoy Fuwa-Fuwa Souffle Pancake while it’s still warm, or else the texture will harden as it gets cold, the ice cream will melt and so is your mood.


Other Items on Lavish’s New Menu:

Yep, did we tell you that Lavish Fusion Bakery came out with new brunch menu? We ordered two toasts from their “Get Lost in The Jungle” brunch menu. Inspired by the Australians, Avocado in The Mist (RM19.80) is not just any basic avocado toast, but with perfectly done poached egg on top. It has a bit of a tangy flavor, pair with feta cheese and you’re all good.

We’re never a fan of eggplants but this Eggplant in Action (RM19.80) got down into our belly. Sweet, creamy eggplant topped with two onsen eggs and drizzled with truffle oil, so luxurious. You can even do the egg jiggle and poke the yolk, really satisfying.

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Did you notice the drinks in our Fuwa-Fuwa Souffle Pancakes photos above? They’re the coolest drinks in town! You order them based on your mood and personality. Each drink has its own quirky quote in Chinese that will brighten your day.

We got Monday Not Blue, Dragon Sparkle and Crazy Rich Mango. The citrusy Crazy Rich Mango definitely caught out eye which says “Don’t talk to me about getting old and grey together, I want my dark, shiny hair forever.” Well if you get the pun, congratz.

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The verdict on Lavish New Menu:

We enjoyed every bit of it. The concept is so unique and people would actually go weak over their desserts especially ladies. Their Fuwa-Fuwa Souffle Pancake will definitely be the next hype in Penang. So foodies, better try it out first before the crazy crowd hits. So what are you waiting for? Share this to your buddies and jio them out to try everything!

Lavish Fusion Bakery

Address: 214, Lebuh Victoria, 10300, Georgetown, Pulau Pinang..
Operating Hour: (Mon-Thurs)10 a.m.-11:30 p.m.(Fri) 10 a.m.-12 a.m.(Sat) 9 a.m.-12 a.m.(Sun) 9 a.m.-11:30 p.m.
More Info: Lavish Fusion Bakery

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