Top 10 Eggy Dishes in Penang for You to Conquer

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No matter being the star of the dish or just an accompaniment, admit it: Eggs will never get out of style. Although they’re widely known as breakfast entrées, they can also be served in many other ways. Hold onto your hats people, as we hereby present you- the Top 10 eggy dishes in Penang to live up your appetite.


10 Best Eggy Dishes in Penang

1. All Day Breakfast & Brunch | Urban Daybreak

Of all the parts of a fulfilling breakfast, none is as wonderful and versatile as the egg. Hence, we’re kickstarting this list with the all-day breakfast served by one of the most well-known Aussie-styled cafes in Georgetown- Urban Daybreak! Undeniably, simple fried eggs are a diner classic. Urban Daybreak cooks theirs in plenty of butter-the key to cooking a perfect sunny side up egg. In fact, no matter fried, poached or scrambled, all are perfectly done. And yes! It’s so good that we’ve listed them before in our Top 10 Big Breakfast in Penang article too!

Photo by @urbandaybreak
Photo by @malaysiancafes
Photo by @nicole_lsx
Address: 338, Lebuh Pantai, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang

Hours: 7.30am to 7 pm
**Not Pork-free**

2. Mr Benedict | Secawan ‘n’ Such

Viva la Egg Benedict! You can never go wrong with the classics, especially not with one from Secawan ‘n’ Such. Think that I’m being basic?  Meh, look away- this cafe is surely putting their own spin on this favourite brunch dish of everyone. That muffin is as soft as a pillow, well-served with bacon strips or salmon with green Frisée and paired with hollandaise sauce, perfectly crisp and juicy within. Ah, simply irresistible.

Photo by @leochan_kh
Photo by @evil_wing
Photo by @nicole_lsx

Address: 205, Jalan Hutton, George Town, 10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Operating Hours: 8.00am-12.00am, closed on Mondays
**Not Pork-free**

3. Roti Bakar Telur Goyang | Roti Bakar Hutton Lane

Roti Bakar Hutton Lane might look like a mediocre food stall but it’s truly the best-kept secret among the locals. Their famous Roti Bakar Telur Goyang, all perfectly baked over charcoal grills, and topped with runny half boiled eggs- this is what we call the real comfort food. It’s even listed in our Top 10 Roti Bakar in Penang article! Head here to grab yourself a hearty and fulfilling breakfast, to keep you fueled up for the rest of the day.

Photo by @aini.nasir
Photo by @gambarmakanansedap
Photo by @raymondaw

Address: 300, Jalan Phee Choon, George Town, 10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Operating Hours: 5.30am- 2.00pm daily


4. Smoky Duck Cheese Boat | US Pizza

Here comes the real bomb- Cheese Boat from US Pizza! This glistening cheese dish soars flavours held aloft by a magic carpet woven with flour, yeast and water. At this point, you might be wondering: What does the cheese boat have to do with eggs? Well, in order to get the cheesy, chewy and sticky consistency, here’s where the egg in the boat comes into play! The star of the show, of course, is still the combination of oozing cheese. Absolutely stunning.

Photo by @joleneeee_nggg
Photo by @popyawyaw
Photo by Go Viral Malaysia

Address & Operating Hours:
US Pizza has a few branches across Penang, from the location list, press here.

5. Omurice | Fuku Eatery & Desserts

Fuku Eatery & Desserts, one of the latest Japanese-inspired food establishment in Penang. Tucked in Beach Street, this cafe is perhaps the platonic ideal of a neighbourhood cafe. Relaxed, quietly confident service which matches the great food offering, This signature dish is a mouth-watering combo of hearty stuffing and buttery omelette finished off with an ample serving of demi-glace sauce. The soup-like consistency paired with rice… the taste can’t be faulted.


Photos by @fukueatery

Address: 37a&b, Beach St, 10300 George Town, Penang
Operating Hours: 9.00am-6.00pm (Monday-Thursday); 9.00am- 9.00pm (Friday- Sunday)

6. Appam with Egg | Kedai Kopi New Cathay (Lorong Kuching)

Appam with Egg? Well, you’ve heard it right! Calling themselves the “Penang famous Apom”, this stall definitely brings their appam up a notch, in short: simplicity with a twist. Established for almost three decades, this couple has been painstakingly crafting their appam business, and their hard work has been evident by the patrons swarming their stalls all the time. So, back to the topic. What’s with the egg? The creaminess of its yolk soaked by layers of coconut pancake base with margarine surely aids for a slight kick.  Magnificent.

Photo by @joyteo21
Address: 425, Jalan Burma, George Town, 10350 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Operating Hours: 8 AM to 2.30 PM. Closed on Sunday.


7. Mee Goreng Special | KSB Cahaya (Abu Mamak)

Abu Mamak might look like any mediocre roadside food stalls by the streetlights, yet it’s undeniably the title holder of one of the best Mamak joints in Penang! And yes, their Mee Goreng Special tops the bill here, surely to die for. The Mee Goreng itself is absolutely phenomenal: with ayam goreng, sausage and accompanied by fried eggs with cheese slices- not just stuffed with irresistible cheesy goodness but also egglicious than ever. Not forgetting their generous portion sizes and everything bursting with flavour, it’ll leave you licking your plates not wanting to waste any single bit of it.

Photo by
Photo by @iamfeedi
Photo by @mahirahmasdar
Address:90, Lorong Macalister, 11400 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Operating Hours: 8pm to 4am. Closed on Wednesdays. 


8. Salted Egg Cookies & Cream | Merry Me

Didn’t see this coming aye? HAH Gotcha! Well, yes! Eggs can be anything, everything… Even a scoop of ice cream! However, we need to admit that it wouldn’t taste that perfect if it ain’t done by Merry Me- Penang’s one and only local-inspired ice cream shop! This flavour gives out a rather quirky taste. At first, it kicks off being sugary pleasurable, yet the dwindling sweetness will soon be replaced by a pleasantly savoury salty taste which adds in complexity. In fact, this ice cream shop creates flavours juxtaposing with the typical ice cream flavours you’ll usually find in any random ice-cream shops, press here for a review posted by us a while ago!

Photo by @shimirose
Photo by @merryme_penang
Photo by @uglydeliciouseats

Lebuh Victoria: 107 Lebuh Victoria, 10300 Georgetown, Penang. | 11am-11pm daily
Gurney Paragon Mall: Level 5, P1, Gurney Paragon Mall, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang. | 10am-10pm daily
Auto City Juru: Unit FO-B8, Plot3, Jalan Perusahaan, Auto-City, 13600 Prai, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. |12pm-11pm (Sunday-Thursday). 12pm-12am (Friday& Saturday)

9. Beijing Moon- Salted Egg Cake | Moody Cow Cafe

Having desserts at Moody Cow is already a pretty posh affair, but having their salted egg cake goes the extra mile. This dessert cafe is charmingly furnished. Ever since its establishment, it has made waves with their unique bakes, cheery service and frankly hands down the best-salted egg cake you’ll ever find. Rich, comforting and savoury, everything you can ask for a good cake. In fact, we’re not the only one to sing Moody Cow’s praises. Try it out to join the squad.

Photo by @poilim
Photo by Malay Mail
Photo by @xiang_win

Address: 170, Jalan Transfer, George Town, 10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Operating Hours: 11am-12am daily
**Not Alcohol-Free**

10. Egg Tarts | Ming Xiang Tai

Talking about egg tarts, Ming Xiang Tai’s surely stands out from the rest. Undeniably, Ming Xiang Tai has become synonymous with these tarts of buttery bases, flaky pastry contrasted with rich creamy soft egg custard filling- one of the most favoured delicacies of Penangites of all times. All egg tarts are freshly baked daily. Expect a delectable burst of thick custard against a crispy crust that leaves a satisfying film of grease on your fingers. Yumz.

Photo by Food Advisor
Photo by @mingxiangtaipastryshop
Photo by @shiqichew

Address & Operation Hours:
Ming Xiang Tai has a few branches across Penang, from the location list, press here.

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