Wall’s ‘Mini’ Viennetta Ice Cream Stick is Now Available in Malaysia

Remember the good old days of having Wall’s Viennetta ice cream? Those big blocks of ice cream were a luxurious treat back then, cut into rectangular pieces and shared amongst family members. It was discontinued for years and when Wall’s finally brought it back two years ago, it was a hit. Lo and behold, Wall’s ‘Mini’ Viennetta ice cream stick is now available in Malaysia!

Wall’s New ‘Mini’ Viennetta Ice Cream Stick is Here in Malaysia:

Photo: @isabeleciprianofiuza (Instagram)

If you didn’t know, those big blocks of Viennetta ice cream are sold exclusively at Ben’s Independent Grocer. You’ll be lucky to even get your hands on one as they’re 99% sold out most of the time. Fret not, as Wall’s ‘Mini’ Viennetta ice cream stick has now landed in Malaysia!

First launched in China, the ‘Mini’ Viennetta comes in individual packaging, and on a stick. Besides having quite an aesthetic packaging, this ice cream has the same classic Viennetta swirl, so adorable! No more cutting into smaller pieces, you can have them on the go! PS: No need for sharing too.

They’re now available in Malaysia and could be found at, a Chinese convenience store. Comes in two flavors: Vanilla and White Peach, we got a feeling these ‘Mini’ Viennetta are going to be the next internet sensation, and again, hard to get.

Foodies, are you a fan of Wall’s Viennetta? Grab your hands on these ‘Mini’ Viennetta at your nearest outlet before they’re sold out! Or, find them on delivery platforms like Grab Mart, Panda Mart, EASI or Hungry. That’s all foodies, take care and buh bye!

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