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Tropical Spice Garden: An Urban Farming Community Garden

As most of us know that urban farming is slowly becoming a new trend during this whole pandemic. Besides the fact that we are able to eat what we have grown and worked hard for, it is also beneficial to our health. Here is what it’s like to be part of an urban farming project.

Check Out This Urban Farming Community Garden At Tropical Spice Garden

Urban farming community garden

The community garden first started in June 2020 to unite the gardeners’ community of Penang. This community garden not only allows beginners to learn more about gardening but also put into practice what they’ve learned. Urban farming allows us to get away from the busy city that Penang can be and focus on the incredible things that nature can do. Moreover, being part of this project allows you to learn about plants that you never knew existed and their benefits to our health.

The objective of this project is to grow the land that has been used into a model of urban farming. Besides, it’s a way for people to gain more knowledge about gardening as this is a teaching ground where everyone will share their ideas and knowledge. Teamwork is heavily focused on where volunteers will help others water the plants or getting soil for planting. Moreover, volunteers are also working together to keep the land clean as well!

Urban Farming community garden

What It’s Like To Be A Part Of This Project

Being part of this urban farming project, each volunteer will be given a plot of land that you can either share with someone you know or other volunteers that you’ve never met. This is definitely a great way for people to make new friends despite a pandemic. After been given a plot of land, you can manage it however you like but it has to be within the guidelines that the team at Tropical Spice Garden has provided.

Your commitment is required as a volunteer where you’ll have to tend to your plot at least once a week. If it’s a challenge for you, you can team with someone who can help you out on alternate weeks.

While this urban farming requires hard work, however, the end results of this are definitely satisfying.

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