Penang’s First Self-Sustaining Community Urban Farm Has Been Launched

Hello, Penangites! We hope you’re doing well and even if you’re not, we have some great news for you today. There are a lot of things that us, Penangites, are proud of on this island and one of it is definitely the fact that we are a green island. It is definitely a team effort when it comes to keeping our island’s green island status. The Chief Minister of Penang has announced the launching of Penang’s first self-sustaining community urban farm. This project definitely an amazing one and it is one more thing that we can be proud of when it’s ready.


Penang’s First Self-Sustaining Community Urban Farm

Photo credit: @ChowKonYeow

If you’re wondering what this community urban farm is for and the benefits, well, we’re here to bring more good news to you. Besides the fact that the state government is putting empty spaces to good use, it’s also beneficial to the citizens as well. This project is known as “Kebun Kita(r)” and the aim is to potentially provide for up to 400 households with each harvest.

Moreover, the Penang government hopes to set up at least 100 community farm hubs by 2023 for this “Kebun Kita(r)” project. The pilot of this project was launched at Penang Digital Library 1 (PDL 1) on 14th September 2020.

Photo credit: @PenangDigitalLibrary

Currently some of the vegetables that are growing at PDL 1 includes red spinach, bok choi (pak choi), cabbage, round and long brinjal and long beans. Besides that, the crops are grown on raised beds with a few on sensor IoT-enabled vertical aquaponics. Moreover, these crops will also be distributed to food banks in Penang such as Mutiara Food Bank for the underpriviledged.

Besides that, organic compost for fertilizer will be produced by the economical food waste composter (EFWC) and rainwater harvesting will also be one of the main feature for this project.

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We hope this project will inspire you to have you own vegetable garden at home whether it’s big or small. Moreover, gardening is healthy for you and you can consume your own harvest which will give you a sense of self-accomplishment.

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