The Very First Blackball Mini Selling Bubble Tea Will Be Opening In Penang

Hello, fam! How are you doing today? We are here to bring you another news from the bubble tea world. Remember last week when we broke the news that Xing Fu Tang will be opening at Nagore Square and it was the best news ever? Today, we have found that The Very First Blackball Mini Selling Bubble Tea Will Be Opening In Penang.

It is Blackball Mini, not Blackball.

Photo: Blackball Mini (Facebook)

There are already a few branches of Blackball scattered around the island and mainland. But, it isn’t the same case for Blackball Mini. After opening several branches in Kuala Lumpur, and Johor Bahru, they are finally opening a store right here. Where? Well, it will be located at Moulmein Rise at Pulau Tikus. Sounds familiar? It is the high-end condominium located near Pulau Tikus morning market.

Photo: Blackball Mini (Facebook)

We all know and love Blackball! The brand has been going on strong since its introduction to Penang a long time ago. Yes, we are talking about that era when bubble tea game wasn’t that strong. So, what’s the difference between Blackball and Blackball Mini? First thing first, we notice that Blackball Mini has a very cute boba mascot. Secondly, the plastic cups used are much rounder than the usual ones from Blackball.

Photo: Blackball Mini (Facebook)

Of course, the beverages look pretty neat too! Blackball Classic looks like their signature dessert from Blackball. It comes with grass jelly, with boba, red beans, and taro balls on sticks as toppings. Other choices include Uji Matcha Soya Ice, Strawberry Crush, and Sweet Corn Delight! These are just some of the choices from their wide range menu. We are looking forward to trying!

Are you a big fan of Blackball?

Photo: Penang Foodie

We are pretty excited that a dessert shop will be opening at Pulau Tikus are considering the fact that there aren’t many at that area. It is about time! Are you excited to try out Blackball Mini? By the way, we noticed that they are hiring, so if you’re interested, you can call 012 497 3316 or 016 422 8997. It says that training will be provided on the signboard!

Blackball Mini Facebook 

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