Breaking News! Xing Fu Tang Will Be Opening Soon Near Nagore Square!

Good news, family! Just a week ago, Xing Fu Tang opens their very first branch at the booming bubble tea streets on the mainland. Their grand opening was probably one of the most well-received openings ever. After all, we need to consider the fact that it took everyone one and a half hour just to order their beverages. Opening promotions are the best, aren’t they?

Xing Fu Tang To Be Opening At Jalan Bawasah

Photo: Penang Foodie

Sounds familiar? Well, Jalan Bawasah is near Nagore Square, the current residence of two bubble tea stores, the hidden Galaxy Tea Bar known for their bubble tea steamboats, and another famous Taiwanese brand, The Alley. With the opening of Xing Fu Tang, Nagore Square area will be turning into another bubble tea street in Penang. We don’t need one bubble tea street, we need two!

Photo: Xing Fu Tang (Facebook)

Xing Fu Tang has found a very good corner spot. Hopefully, there will be enough place for the entire island to fit in ’cause we are all hyped. Haven’t you heard? Xing Fu Tang is well-known for its mixture of brown sugar and fresh milk, commonly known as Brown Sugar Boba Milk. Some other bubble tea beverages that you will need to try include Matcha Boba Milk and Mango Smoothie with Rabbit Panna Cotta.

Photo: Xing Fu Tang (Facebook)

If you’re looking for a career at bubble tea industry (that’s not a real industry, we have just made it up), you can apply for a position at Xing Fu Tang as they are also hiring now. Based on their banner, you can drop a call to Mr. Cheang at 016 375 0222 or e-mail It is time to learn how to make your own bubble tea, it is very cost saving.

Can’t Wait For Xing Fu Tang’s Opening In The Island

Photo: Penang Foodie

We are already dreaming about Xing Fu Tang since our last visit to their location on the mainland. The queue was indeed very long, but it was all worth it considering the 50% discount. Hopefully, they will run the same promotion for their opening on the island too! Please do remember to bring an umbrella though, ’cause it is not sheltered at Nagore Square. Hehe.

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