The Latest Update of MySejahtera Will Show Check-in Address Underneath The QR Code

Good day foodies, how are you? By now you should know that check-in using MySejahtera app is mandatory at the entrance of premises, except those without a smart phone. It is also compulsory for businesses to provide Mysejahtera check-in alongside with the pen-and-paper method. The latest update of the app now features check-in address underneath the QR code, which we think businesses should take note of.

The Latest Update of MySejahtera Has Address Listed Underneath the QR Code:

Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob announced earlier that check-ins using MySejahtera is compulsory, and this applies to both individuals and businesses. Those without a smart phone or premises located at rural areas with poor internet connectivity can be exempted, but must record down information using other tracing methods.

Photo: Irene Lim (Facebook)
Photo: Irene Lim (Facebook)

The latest version of MySejahtera app has a new update, where full address will show underneath the QR code, alongside with the name of the premise. Businesses should be aware of this and update their MySejahtera to the latest version.

Photo: Irene Lim (Facebook)
Photo: Irene Lim (Facebook)

While the government has yet to issue any notice on this, it’s best for businesses to update their QR code. This could avoid any unnecessary issue or conflict.

Foodies, if you’re a business owner, beware and keep yourself updated. Don’t forget to share this to your friends or anyone you know of that owns a business so that they’ll get notified. That’s all, have a great day ahead and buh bye!

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  1. I think you need to check what u just published. It is very misleading for companies with only one location. Unless those companies have multiple locations then I do believe it is right to “Add Other New Location” addresses.

    Also if u take notice the original QR Code already has the company’s address. So why do we need to re-register our companies to obtain another QR code for the same location ??? Make no sense.

    1. Totally agreed with you. The location column does not provide the needed address fill in fields, except for the main locations registration.
      Totally irresponsible to publish and circulate information that is not accurate.

  2. Please note that this is a fake news. There are no official announcement for this yet. I Have asked MySejahtera Helpdesk about this.

  3. It is an incomplete news because it is a must for those who has branches. Because branches cannot use the QR code of HQ.

  4. If this news is true, then how to update the address in the mysejahtera unless registered and fill up all particulars again, then reprint the qr code

  5. Just to double confirm…. Is this a new requirement for MySejahtera to obtain a new QR Code and print out or is a fake news? Please advise.

  6. Hi there, I too asked helpdesk and reply was address is not needed but if I am interested to have it here then total name and add can have only 50 words. Meaning it is just impossible to have complete address there. But my boss did say that address is now compulsory. So I am now very confused, please help.

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