Penangite Won National Book Award 2020 After Showcasing Penang From A Bird’s Eye View

Majestic Pearl of the Orient

Hello friends! It is an undeniable fact that every nook and cranny of Penang can be an inspiration. Probably the very reason why Penang attracts so many photographers. But have you ever wondered how would this heritage island look like from the sky? Apparently, this award-winning photojournalist has all of the answers for us. And it is magical.

Penang From A Bird’s Eye View

 Photo: @SayuttiZainuddin

Recently, Elaton Publishing announced that the ‘Over Penang’ book by David ST Loh has won the National Library of Malaysia (Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia) Book Award 2020 under the English category. The book is all about looking at Penang from a new perspective. Capturing the vibrant, historical, and fascinating Penang in a bird’s eye view.

Intimate Insights Of The Pearl Of The Orient

All of the majestic images are captured by a drone from way up where the air currents flow. Adding intimacy to each of the images are paragraphs of new interpretation. In the book, the author talks fondly of familiar landscapes, buildings, street scenes, and festivals on his much-loved island home.

Launched in July 2019

The book was helmed by David ST Loh as the author and photographer, with the editorial team of writer, Bettina Chua Abdullah, editor, Gareth Richards, book designer, Allie Hill, and overall project coordinator Rebecca Lee to put the book together.

Available At All Fine Bookstores And Retail Outlets

Beamed with pride from this achievement, the Penang Chief Minister, YAB Chow Kon Yeow proudly uses ‘Over Penang’ as gifts to visiting dignitaries, guests, and investors who visit him. Meanwhile, fellow Penang lovers and Penangites can also get the book at all fine bookstores and retail outlets in Penang and Kuala Lumpur. So make sure to check it out okay?

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