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The Gravityz Penang At The Top Komtar Penang

Hey foodies! We are excited to announce that The Gravityz Penang is officially launched! In case you don’t know, it’s the highest Ropes Course Challenge in the world. Located at 65th level at The Top Komtar, it’s 239m above the ground, making it one of the must-do-thing in Penang in 2018!

For all you fearless foodies out there who are ready to take up the challenge, skip the queue and purchase the ticket online at TheGravityz Official Website. Remember to use FOODIE001 for 5% off your total purchase!

The Gravityz Penang

the gravityz penang

Can you imagine walking outside Komtar Penang at 65 storeys high? Scroll down to see more information about it.

If you want some sneak peak ahead, see our experience here:

The Challenges At The Gravityz

There are 6 different types of challenges along the ropes course with different kind of experience! ‘Chicken doors’  (i.e. emergency exits) are situated along the course, so if any of your friends or family got cold feet, rest assured they can back out anytime.

The 6 different types of challenges are:

  1. Confidence Path
  2. High Bench
  3. A Great Bridge
  4. X-Point
  5. Z-wire
  6. G-Rocky

The Gravityz Flying Fox At The Top Komtar

Take a slow walk along and build confidence along the Confidence Path, because more exciting challenges are coming your way

High Bench is where you can sit, relax (maybe), and enjoy the seamless view of Penang 65 levels above the ground.

Z-wire, or simply known as The Flying Fox, is our favourite part during the whole challenge! The experience of being off-ground is definitely priceless for everyone.

Ticket Price

The standard price of The Gravityz ticket is RM199.

All Malaysians with MyKad are entitled to 30% off the normal rate, whereas Penangites can enjoy a special rate at 55% discount. On top of that, mention FOODIE001 for additional 5% off your total purchase, just for all you foodies!

After discounted price.

How To Buy The Gravityz Ticket in Penang

the gravityz price

Step 1: Go to TheGravityz official website

Step 2: Key in our promo code FOODIE001 during checkout for 5% off your total purchase

Operating Hours

the gravityz komtar

Opening hours: 10am to 6pm daily

Address: Level 65 @ The Top, Menara Komtar at Georgetown, Penang Island


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