Thai Tom Yam Recipe: Make This Sour, Spicy And Fragrant Tom Yam At Home

Occasionally, we crave something that’s spicy, sour, and at the same appetizing. So with more time on our hands as well as the dine-in ban, we’re here to share this Thai Tom Yam recipe with you guys. Because truth is, no one can ever resist a good bowl of piping hot Tom Yam. Whenever you’re ready, just start scrolling.

For All Your Thai Tom Yam Cravings

A bowl of delicious Tom Yam has to check plenty of boxes. It has to be sour, fragrant and most importantly, a hint of spiciness in it. If you find yourself missing Thailand or craving for a bowl of Tom Yam, we got your back. Here’s a recipe we found that lets you cook up a saliva-drooling bowl of Tom Yam. Let’s go!

You’ll Need:

2 packets of Adabi Tom Yam paste

1 box of coconut milk


Kaffir lime leaves (daun limau purut)

Lemongrass (serai)


Red chillies

Coriander leaves (daun ketumbar)

Seafood, protein and vegetables of your choice.


  1. Heat up the oil and add in half a packet of tom yam paste then cook till fragrant.
Tom Yam Recipe
Photo: @HafizRahman

2. Add in chicken bone, shrimp head, lemongrass, lengkuas and the root of the coriander leaves

Tom Yam Recipe
Photo: @HafizRahman

3. Mix everything well and add half a box of coconut milk

Tom Yam Recipe
Photo: @HafizRahman

4. Mix the ingredients well, add some water and let it come to a boil.

Tom Yam Recipe
Photo: @HafizRahman

5. Add in seafood, protein or vegetables of your choice

6. Then, add in some lime juice and the remaining half packet of Tom Yam paste

7. Finally, add some salt and sugar, and season to taste.

Tom Yam Recipe
Photo: @HafizRahman

Have Fun Trying Out This Thai Tom Yam Recipe!

And there you have it. A recipe that will satiate your tastebuds and don’t forget to pair it with plain white rice. Try out this recipe and let us know how it goes! Bye!

This recipe is by Hafiz Rahman

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