Texas Chicken Rolls Out New Flaming Hot Mala Tenders

Nothing can stop us from enjoying the sensation of a hot and piquant taste, even in this scorching hot weather. Well, spicy lovers, we have good news for you. Texas Mala Chicken has made a debut last January and now with a newly added menu, the Flaming Hot Lips Mala Tenders!

Source: Texas Chicken Malaysia (Facebook)

Anyone Up For Mala Tenders?

Today, Texas Chicken Malaysia has dropped a post of the newly added menu on its social media. Similar to Texas Mala Fried Chicken, you can enjoy the spicy aroma and intense heat of mala sauce, but without having to remove any bones! According to the post, you can get a mouth-watering, out-of-the-world meal if combined the new Mala Tenders with their Mala Fried Chickens.

Source: KL Foodie (Website)
Source: Texas Chicken Malaysia (Facebook)

Enjoy Texas Mala Tenders Promotion For A Limited Time Only

Of course, you can still opt for the original and spicy flavour but if you are up for the adventure, Texas Chicken Malaysia is having a Mala Tenders promotion for a limited time only. You can enjoy these Mala Tenders for RM9.99 (6pieces) or RM18.88 (12pieces). Grab yours now at any nearby Texas Chicken Malaysia stores and let us know about your experience in the comments below!

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