Tealive M’sia Drops Bubble Tea Mooncake With Brown Sugar Lava And Chewy Pearls

Best Of Both Worlds


  • Tealive releases Bubble Tea Mooncake
  • Now available for pre-order on the official website, limited to 800 sets only
  • Each box is priced at RM25 with 2 x Brown Sugar Tea Au Lait Mooncakes

Happy weekend foodies! How are you guys intending to spend your weekend? Do you already have plans to chill at your favourite cafe, or perhaps go on retail therapy? Well, if you’re gonna be shopping, then you better be ready to splurge for the upcoming Mooncake Festival. And, here’s a pro-tip: order the limited edition Tealive Bubble Tea Mooncake!

Celebrate Mooncake Festival With Tealive’s Bubble Tea Mooncake

We all love bubble tea to some degree. Be it a boba and chill outing, or just a cup of bubble tea to destress, you know what we’re talking about right? A cup of our favourite Brown Sugar Bubble Tea that comes with chewy pearls, for some of us, it’s the ultimate indulgence.

Tealive Bubble Tea Mooncake
Photo: @TealiveAsia (Facebook)

But today, let’s take things up a notch and extend our imagination skills. Imagine your favourite cup of Tealive but in mooncake form. Of course, you will still get the classic mooncake skin except instead of fillings such as Lotus or Red Bean paste, you’ll get brown sugar lava oozing out!

Tealive Bubble Tea Mooncake
Photo: @TealiveAsia (Facebook)

And if you’re asking, what about the pearls, well, there will be plenty of that in the mooncake too! So, once you slice into the center of the mooncake, you’ll get an ooey brown sugar lava alongside some chewy pearls. It’s a modern take on traditional elements and there’s no reason not to love it.

Tealive Bubble Tea Mooncake
Photo: @TealiveAsia (Facebook)

Priced at RM25, each box contains 2 x Brown Sugar Tea Au Lait Mooncakes with a classy Tealive packaging box with purple and white hues. It makes the perfect gift for your loved ones! Or, if you’re a huge bubble tea fan, it’s perfect for your own enjoyment too.

Tealive Bubble Tea Mooncake
Photo: @TealiveAsia (Facebook)

Now Available For Pre-Order

As it’s a first-time release, you can now pre-order the mooncakes online (limited to 800 sets only). The early bird catches the worm so, head on over to the official website and place your orders now. Besides, there’s no sweeter way to celebrate Mooncake Festival with some bubble tea mooncakes. Bye!

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