Tai Buan Porridge is Closing Down After Decades of Operation, But Has Plans on Reopening

Following the closure of the one and only “squatting” Teochew porridge in Penang, there has been rumors that Tai Buan Porridge, yet another prominent Teochew porridge spot is closing down after almost 60 years in operation. We’ve spoken to the owner, turns out, while Tai Buan Porridge is shutting down on 26 February, he is planning to reopen the shop somewhere else in the future.

Tai Buan Porridge Ceasing Its Operations For Now, Plans on Reopening:

Photo: @yourfoodzone (Instagram)

Nestled at Muntri Street, Tai Buan Porridge, has been operating since 1960s. The current owner, Ong Tai Buan said it’s a family business where he took over from his father. After almost 60 years of operation, the famed and last few remaining Teochew porridge is closing its doors due to certain complications.

Photo: @yourfoodzone (Instagram)

Throughout the phone conversation, Ong disclosed that his business relies on dine-in customers. During this MCO period, he would only earn nickel and dime from a few takeaways. Second is due to the pre-war shophouse they’re tucked in. The shophouse they’re renting in Muntri Street is old and will go through major renovations soon, Ong is unsure when will the renovations complete.

Photo: @bushaustin (Instagram)
Photo: @yourfoodzone (Instagram)

Until then, Ong said that it is best for him to close the shop and take a break. He is thinking of relocating but has no solid plans for now.

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Tai Buan porridge’s last day of operation is on the 26th of February 2021. Just a couple days away, so better pay them last few visits for some good Teochew porridge before they close their doors. We really hope uncle will open back the shop soon as we wouldn’t want to lose such legacy in Penang. Don’t forget to share this news out to your friends, buh bye!

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