Starbucks Will Be Opening An Outlet For Deaf Community In Penang

Hello, fam! We are back again with another news from Starbucks. If you’re hoping for another Starbucks discount, this is not the case. It is something else, and it is even more joyful than sipping cold brew coffee in a hot afternoon. Starbucks will be opening an outlet for the deaf community in Penang! It is so uplifting, we thought of sharing this happy news with you.

This news is reported by The Malaysian Reserve.

Starbucks Signing Store

Photo: Starbucks Malaysia (Facebook)

This will be second signing store in Malaysia, with the first store opening in Bangsar! Part of Starbucks’ corporate social responsibility, the coffee giant chose Penang as it has a strong deaf community and long history. In fact, the first deaf school in Malayasia was also established on the island itself. It turns out that Starbucks has already started recruiting people for the outlet.

Photo: Starbucks Malaysia (Facebook)

Additionally, the store manager from Bangsar’s signing store will be coming to Penang in order to aid in this new outlet. The Penang’s Starbucks Signing Store has the aim of creating opportunities for deaf baristas by enhancing their soft skills. This project aims to have 80% to 90% of the staffs to be comprised of deaf employees.

Opening At The End Of The Year

Photo: Starbucks Malaysia (Facebook)

As for the hearing-able employees, they will need to go through a sign language certification course. After all, the idea is all about being inclusive! It is noted that the outlet will be opening at the end of the year. However, the location of the outlet remains unknown. Hopefully, this project will be highly successful and it brings all of us closer together as a community!

Read the article from The Malaysian Reserve here.

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