Penang Is In The 7th Place For Being The Most Instagrammed City In The World

Check Out All These Amazing Artworks

Yes, folks, you heard it correctly. We’re currently in the 7th place for being the most Instagrammed city for street art in the world. Isn’t it crazy how more people in the world will know about our small little island now? We’ve beaten the Big Apple also known as New York!

It’s A Proud Moment For Us Penangites!

Penang has always been known as a food paradise but recently we’ve become famous for our street art as well. Recently, a company called Blu did some researched on Instagram to find out the different cities in the world that have the most number of street art images. By searching up 3-5 main hashtags in one city, they found all the amazing street arts at the best destinations.

In first placing, it’s none other than London, the United Kingdom with all the controversial yet amazing works by the talented Banksy. You can check out all the street arts at Soho, Camden, Croydon, and Shoreditch. When searching up London’s street art, there were 395,764 posts.

Photo: @streetartorama (Instagram)
Photo: @zifffy (Instagram)

Next up, we have Paris, France which is also known as the City of Love/ City of Light. The Instagram results for Paris is 311,558 posts. While there are a lot of artworks that from centuries ago, you can now find modern art around the city. Don’t miss out on the huge mural that tells an amazing story which can be found in the 13th arrondissement (neighborhood).

Photo: @olyaperle (Instagram)
Photo: @girllovesgraffiti (Instagram)

This third destination should not be a surprise to many because it’s known to be a vibrant city. It’s Melbourne, Australia with 264,332 posts in the search results. When walking around the city, you can find street art anywhere and everywhere which makes it such a colorful city.

Photo: @philberto07 (Instagram)
Photo: @_richard_scott__ (Instagram)

In fourth place with 166,415 posts, we have Berlin, Germany. While the graffiti scene is a product of the disruptive gangs it is also important to the Berlin’s underground art scene and part of the culture. These street arts is part of Berlin’s creative identity. Not forgetting the Berlin’s wall that is a popular tourist spot as well.

Photo: @topstreetart (Instagram)
Photo: @ethaninsea (Instagram)

With 76,249 posts, the famous city among all the Insta models, it is Los Angeles, America. You can find all kinds of #InstaWorthy murals in the downtown area. If you can’t get enough from there, you can head over to The Art District where you can find the best street art in the city.

Photo: @bearflagca (Instagram)
Photo: @happastreetart (Instagram)

In the sixth place, Montreal, Canada with 75,849 posts. None of the street arts here are hidden and you can find it on every building from Saint-Laurent Boulevard all the way to Mile-End. This huge and colorful street art gives this city a very lively personality.

Photo: @riskitothegraffitihunter (Instagram)
Photo: @sekain0 (Instagram)

This seventh city needs no introduction because it’s none other than Penang, Malaysia with 65,421 posts. Yes Penangites, we’re in the top 10 on this list! All of the amazing street arts were started by Ernest Zacharevic who is a London-trained Lithuanian artist and today more artist are filling the city with their work as well. These street arts are giving our city even more character than it already has.

Photo: @genica08 (Instagram)
Photo: @travel.diaryyyyy (Instagram)

Guess what? We’ve beaten Toronto, New York, Russia, Miami and Bristol on this list! We should definitely be proud of that.

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