See Kong Ooi, Renowned 84-Year-Old Chu Char Restaurant In Penang Is Closing Down

Hey there Penangites, we need not ramble on about the effect of COVID-19. Because of this global pandemic, everyone has to stay home, guard ourselves and press pause on all activities. The F&B industry isn’t excluded from this hit as they too, are forced to take a hiatus. After a pause, some eateries aren’t as lucky to make the cut and have decided to cease their operations for good. This includes iconic 84-year-old Chu Char restaurant in Penang, 西公園飯店 See Kong Ooi Restaurant.

See Kong Ooi Restaurant Is Ceasing Its Operations

Let’s take a bold guess and say that you’ve stepped foot into See Kong Ooi at least once, if you live in Penang. See Kong Ooi has been around longer than we can remember, with its history dating back to our grandparents’ generation.

See Kong Ooi Closing Down
Photo: @auwenkhoo (Instagram)

西公園飯店, or its English equivalent, See Kong Ooi was first a breakfast spot in 1936. Then, they ventured into selling porridge and economy rice. Going with the flow of modernity, they now serve authentic Hokkien and Hainanese home-cooked dishes.

See Kong Ooi Closing Down
Photo: @auwenkhoo (Instagram)
See Kong Ooi Closing Down
Photo: @auwenkhoo

Of the many dishes here, the Assam Curry Prawn or Fish is often a crowd-favourite. This dish comes with a thick, aromatic curry concoction that also has the right amount of sourish notes. Because of its wide variety of menu items, many families often flock to See Kong Ooi and the place is always crowded especially during lunch times.

See Kong Ooi Closing Down
Photo: @dearamytsai (Instagram)
See Kong Ooi Closing Down
Photo: MalayMail

Today, after 84 years of operations in Penang, See Kong Ooi has announced on their official Facebook page that they are closing down. The somber announcement extended thanks to many of its supporting customers and hinted that they might return.

What’s Your Favourite Dish At See Kong Ooi?

Attributing the closure to his management skills, See Kong Ooi’s closure is a decision made with tribulations. It is indeed sad to watch one of the most iconic Chu Char restaurants in Penang go out of business. So, let’s all try to support more local eateries and pray that this is the end of such news.

Address: 7&9 Jalan Transfer, George Town, 10050, Pulau Pinang

Link: Facebook 


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